Ability to pin friends where servers are



  • animal

    Why is this getting downvoted?? I think this would be a legitimately good feature. There have been times in the past where being able to pin a DM to the sidebar would have been very useful to me.

  • Eproxus

    @animal Not sure, I have several permanent group chats that need several clicks to get to if they don't have any unread messages. The chats already show up in the sidebar when they're unread.

  • Kess

    Yes this or at least having a Favorite section for DMs and Message Groups that you don't want to change position makes so much sense

  • ActionBrother

    This needs to be implemented.
    It is not a requirement that the servers and DM's are mixed in the sidebar, but they can be separated with the divider that is already there between your servers and the Discord logo. F.e. friends above the divider, server underneath the divider. 


  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    Good idea. I'd like to see it on Discord.
  • zeltrax

    Yeah this would be great certain friends I speak to everyday would be nice and easier to message them if you could pin them to the side bar.

  • LordDarkon

    This feature is really needed and should have been there from the beginning.

  • VendeurDeTongs

    Updating this issue as it is a much needed feature

  • wermking

    I came online looking to see if this was possible: It'd be so much more convenient! 

    Honestly, I'm surprised it's not a feature since the messages already pop up on the sidebar--it feels like you should be able to keep them there. 

  • strucky

    Yeah I mean it is kind of irritating to go to the friends list first everytime I need to access a chat with a friend, not a server.

  • 🌊Simon🌊

    I completely agree! Especially when using Discord in a team you want to message people directly just as often as you want to talk to an entire working group.
    Having DMs integrate either in the server list or accessible diretly by clicking on peoples name in the list on the right (not only send a message but open the conversation) would be a great feature

  • aidswidjaja

    I would support this feature too! I spend a lot of times on servers of course, but I use DMs and particularly group chats *a lot* - being able to pin DMs to the server bar would save an extra click, which makes a big difference, particularly for my relatively slow device running multiple instances of electron alongside multiple tabs of at least two different browsers.

  • HypeZ

    we totally need this

  • Bruno Assarisse

    Totally agreed

  • Hayden

    I would love this feature! Any feedback from Discord?

  • allight

    +1. Would be really helpful!

  • slipperygun

    2 years and counting

  • Timecop97

    would kill for the ability to pin private messages to the sidebar. I split discord 50:50 talking on servers and having a DM with people. the extra effort to switch to your friends list and pick out the friend is annoying, especially over a long period. seems like an easy fix.

  • daggada

    +1, the extra clicks are annoying. I liked the 'favorites' idea above.

  • skunk deluxe


  • Joschka


  • Dust Ordius


  • fasyle

    Wish I could upvote this more. Absolutely a feature I wish for in my head every time I use the app for private messages. I've gone so far as to create servers that are simply me and one other person to get them on that section.

  • NotTodayPls

    yessss we need this too much

  • Shrapnel

    Been googling to see if there was a way to do this, sad to see its not a feature. upvoted to get visibility for maybe a feature enhancement in a future release 

  • gridironshero



  • Marcel Gavalier

    Not only F as favorite. I like to see pin exact person/user to save some clicks/searchs..


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