Full screen-sharing features on Linux?



  • Tom

    I'd like this as well.

    I suspect that it might be an issue with X stitching all displays together as a single 'screen' by default. Discord might need some better X integration to get this working properly.

    EDIT: The screenshot taken from NVIDIA X Server Settings below shows I have two physical displays, but they're stitched together within one X screen. Discord just takes the entire screen, rather than both displays independently.

  • WORM

    I think what Discord can do about this is heavily dependent on what Electron allows. That being said, this would be great if possible.

  • XLP

    I already had put some thoughts into that and I see the problem

    I have actually have not much knowledge about that, but in OBS they also seemed to get it working via XSHM ... maybe the discord team could take a look on how they achieved it - but maybe someone with more knowledge on that could help here..

  • Draconicrose

    I would love it if they fixed this. It's always a pain when I'm trying to show my friends stuff and I have to share both my screens. Usually the second screen is just discord though!

  • /home/lesnake

    I want it too!

  • PascalDLS

    Need this too

  • Sfreyux

    Hi, I'm +1 -ing this because I'd really like if you could share sound with app window sharing, like you can do on Windows. It's the only missing feature I need and the only thing that keeps me from buying a Nitro subscription

  • Absolute_Arthur

    Still a problem now, just submitted a ticket to Discord

  • JoeJoeTV

    It's still a problem and it's really annoying, I hope it will get fixed sometime.

  • Guilherme de Medeiros

    Yeah I needed this problem fixed too...


    There is no workaround? I've been searching for the possibility to stream using another software like OBS but... again... the "virtual cam plugin" is only for WIndows.

  • rez

    Guilherme de Medeiros,

    There are 2 third-party workarounds I have found but cannot use myself as there's no v4l2loopback in my repo, have to compile it. If your system is more actual, give them a chance:


  • donkey

    A really ghetto easy way to deal with this :

    1. get obs and enable preview

    2. set it to projector mode full screen by right-clicking on the preview ( I put the projector on a second monitor)

    3. alt tab out of the projection in to discord and stream the projection, this way you can stream a projection of obs capturing a specific screen. 

    Real lame that discord doesn't just let us stream sections of a screen...

  • Imforpeace

    Dude 2 years this hasn't been fixed. Discord hello?

  • Sfreyux

    In this article they state that this has been fixed in the latest Chromium on the dev channel, which is due for release in August. Maybe, if Discord integrates the latest Electron when in turn they update to the latest Chrome, it will automagically be fixed?

  • samm

    I don't use multiple monitors so idm but c'mon we NEED discord screen sharing w/ audio. I enjoy streaming for others to watch my gameplay yet I can't with sound so its kinda bad. Also means my windows partition can go permanently if it is implemented.


    Basically +1 for Linux Screen Sharing w/ Sound

  • Raptor

    Google Meet supports single screen sharing inside Chrome. This should not be a Chromium/Electron issue.

  • Mushell

    Would love if this got fixed! Just so I can share my IDE with my team for bug fixes/problems while still having a private window for notes. I will probably switch to Google Meets if that works though.

    What other alternatives can do this for linux?



  • c42759

    Discord Canary has this solved already :D, should be release sooner!


  • Bjorn

    I tried this on canary build, but it still didn't work for me. I tried submitting a bug report but it was removed because Linux is unsupported except for urgent bugs. It does show the screen separately but when choosing one it still streams both...

  • Germano

    I am also having the same problem. I'm also on ubuntu.

  • Saar

    Please just update the damn engine https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/10/screen-sharing-linux-chromium-fix

    Screen sharing works better using the browser at the moment...

  • Surister

    Supposedly chromium 85 fixes this but it doesn't for me.

    OS: Arch. (Fully updated)
    Ch: extra/chromium 85.0.4183.121-1 [installed]
    dis: community/discord 0.0.12-1 [installed]

    All updated to the latest but still cannot chose between the three screens.

  • Danchik

    Sharing single screen works for me only with Canary Discord, on Manjaro.

    Will we ever get the application sharing feature? 



    Although it shows you 2 different screens when you share, when you choose either one of the screens it shared them both. 

    I'm dissapointed.

  • Raptor
    For the many people still running into this issue, 
    since chrome 85 and later have working screensharing,
    you can launch discord in your browser (eg https://canary.discord.com )
    and use chromes native screen sharing features.

    You will have to make due without global keybindings.

    This might also work with audio (at the very least for other chrome tabs).

    If you'd like to keep the same "windowed" discord experience
    instead of working in a tab you could create a script like this:

    google-chrome-stable --app=https://canary.discord.com

    Replacing google-chrome-stable with your chrome binary.
    You can put this script in your path for convenience.
    This opens chrome in a kiosk-esque mode that feels a lot like electron.

    Hope this helps someone, and apologies for the awful formatting on the post.
  • Max7cd

    So as many noticed the bug is in the chromium version that is used by discord. Unfortunately discord cannot directly influence that version, since it is determined by the electron version. Discord uses a really old version of electron, so you have to use a modified version of the client if you want the latest one(e.g. discord_arch_electron in the AUR). But even the latest stable electron release at the time of writing (10.1.5) does not yet use the version with the complete fix. 

    The best way to get this working is to use discord in the browser. (Tested with chromium 86.0.4240.111) 

    Simply updating chromium or electron on your machine will not do anything to the discord app. 

  • MillenniumTree

    I found a solution, though it's a little wacky.
    Download xzoom from your linux repository.  It's a screen magnification application.
    Open it, press '-' to zoom out to 1:1 ratio, make the window as big as one screen, and just drag it down to the bottom so it's mostly off the screen, but not minimized.  Now you can share the xzoom window.
    Not sure how this will work with gaming, but it does what I need it for.

    This would also allow you to share part of a screen if you wanted to hide your menu bars, but allow multiple windows to be visible.

  • CodeSpent

    Can confirm on Ubuntu 20.04 that the screens show independently in the preview to select either screen, but the screenshare still shows both screens stitched together.

  • lukasberk

    CodeSpent Have the same issue but fixed it. Just use the chromium browser (sudo snap install chromium) and it shows the screens correctly and there is no limitations of using the webapp instead of the desktop application as I have seen so far. For the webapp go to https://discord.com/app


  • JoeJoeTV

    I just updated the deb package from the website and you can now stream seperate screens!

    EDIT: It only shows the two screens seperately, but the stream will still be all monitors.

    I hope they fix this.


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