DM Chat Colors



  • RahaIII_2

    i agree whole yeetedly


  • Koba

    Just displaying the other (or the self) in a different colour would do... If self, choosing the colour would be great :D

  • bastet_of_orion
    I've seen some eye-searing colours for names before, so as long as viewing this is toggleable to the default colour (possibly also on a per-person basis), I'd love to see this implemented.
  • majik

    Isn't that what servers are for? Like, I don't know why anyone would prefer a group chat over a server, group chat, at least for me, would be something I quickly slap together for a school group project for one day. For private messaging, I guess? But then again, server.

  • Anequit

    How would the colors been chosen

  • TankorSmash

    I'm not sure. Slack has a feature like this where everyone has a color automatically. Sometimes you and someone else has the same color, do idk.

    It's especially tricky if you have more than one other person in chat. Maybe you're always white, the second person grey, third blue, etc

  • djAJm2

    this needs to happen

  • Doggo

    I think that this is true yes, but also to show that you support discord... and i want my name to always be yellow > : (

  • baz

    honestly this would be excellent to have. i work with someone on a game using dropbox business. it would be nice to be able to change our own color based off if i am working on the project currently. the editor we use only 1 person can be making changes at a time and it gets old asking "hey you in the master copy?". with color changes we could just say hey if i set my name color to red that means im in it. anyway, a thought!

  • Anatomis (Perfect)

    I think our names can be colored as the color of our badge which badge we have. Which is in the first place, in front of all the badges.

  • davfsa
    I dont think that this will be added to discord because it is pretty useless, will use database space that could be used for other features and there is a very little amount of servers that still have the crown
  • Perry

    We. Need. This.

  • imallett

    One reason this feature would be useful is that if you use bold formatting in your DMs, it looks very similar to the names of the users themselves. Adding colors helps distinguish this text especially from the username.

    Another, of course, is that it helps visually cue who wrote what.

  • Augusta

    That would be great.

  • Capella

    I like this idea a lot, would be helpful to distinguish who's talking better in compact mode with icons hidden.

  • user


  • wolo

    i agree

  • dirtside

    It's baffling to me that Discord, which has so many great usability features, does not have this extremely basic messaging feature, which IRC clients had 25 years ago. Not being able to quickly visually scan for your own name by color in a DM conversation is crazy.

  • LoganDark

    > Allow basic primary colors for every user and then allow further customization with Discord's hex code color picker for Nitro users.

    Are you seriously asking that Discord limit new features to Nitro users? Ewwww.

    I'm Nitro but I still find this disgusting.

  • Dawn

    I would love this feature as well!

    The basic option for free users and let Nitro do amazing things would be cool to, that's not discusting to me (non nitro) it's just good business. Value add for premium users. I'm about to start using discord a lot more now so I would consider upgrading


  • mikelyons

    Defo needs done, or at least default to 2 colors so we can easily see whos saying what

  • Tidal

    Make it so

  • kyrality

    Bump. Seriously, even in just two person DM's, if you have similar character length names etc., having a color differential (or just shade) makes scanning much quicker to see who said what. Obviously, also ensure that the contrasts meet WCAG accessibility reqs.

  • Zeti

    Just use betterdiscord with: EditUsers plugin


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