• jedi3
    - a report button for profiles AND servers AND bots (nuker, spammer, etc ...) -a server referencing page to search, find, categorize with a reputation system ("I like"), #tags to make suggestions tailored to users -a library of topics for discord with officials and community members. They would create with a tool / software integrated in Discord, with the ability to customize in depth and precisely its interface. -the ability to "save" your server (the pattern) as a file -the ability to put gifs in server illustration -of events (nitro giveaway, etc ...) -the possibility to put spaces in the name of cats - make compatible ALL emojis -more easter egg -an option to hear everyone at the same volume all the time -a built-in bad words censorship option -Archievments (potentially rewarded) with badges for buying a game discord, report a bug, report qqn, duration of use Discord, etc ... -a scoring system for people (like CS: GO) -the possibility to put a description for his server to make it appear on the invitations -the possibility of being able to organize emojis, to be able to put in favorite - put more forward button to change the owner of a server (it avoids ANY * ahh * start over) - more adaptation for the code -a security that detects programs from malicious bots - a new icon for the home button (it's not too original to put the discord logo back) -the ability to rate / comment on Discord games - an option of the contextual menu / right click to translate the messages - pop-ups / notifications for banns, kick, role assignment, etc ... -an option to search on its servers game companions
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  • jessyhdbrhyub

    Bonjour sa serait bien d'ajouter sur Androïd le statut personnalisé svp et aussi pour les jeux nn reconnu par discord, svp merci de le fair si possible

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  • Olivier De Carglass

    Bonjour, ça serait bien un système de sauvegarde de serveur, c'est-à-dire un moyen de faire un point de sauvegarde de son serveur, je dis ça car je me suis fait hacker mon serveur et j'ai tout perdu...

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