Ban limit



  • MoonlightCapital
    This only hinders the work of server moderators as many raiders may join in a short period of time and you have no idea on what to do
  • ム Onur

    This feature can be set to those who want to use

  • ! Nashira ♛ ₪

    Hello Dear MoonlightCapital 

    Im Nashira 

    Im Adminastator for Justice Kingdom 

    We want to improve this feature
  • Magikarp
    Do not give permission to people you dont trust or people you think can be abused or is vulnerable to SE
  • Kath~
    This sounds like a very bad idea in the case something like a raid happens, as the mods might not be able to stop the entire raid because you as the owner wanted ban limits.
  • drew

    Raids from community can be limited a lot. I can do that. Even if 100 ppl join. They will be able like to spam just 3 (not less , cuz some ppl can make mistakes and spam fast without then intention to ) words/tags/images/emojis. And then get muted . I think a kick/ban limit it would be great. Yall talk about trust and shit. These days a kid can have a weird ass depression and kick everyone, then apologize to me like " Ay i was mad and shit, sorry didnt mean to do that" . Plus i saw big organisations get raided from high staff and trusted cuz dramas. So ye.

  • Minsnicterb

    Ban limit should come and the number should be editable. Friends can break down and this situation can be abused

  • AngeLz79

    what if they needed 2fa code every 5 bans? (if you have it on for staff to require)


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