Move Gift Nitro chat button to profile panel



  • Jerl

    Just following up to say that just because 6 months have passed without me saying something does not mean that I have simply gotten used to their presence and learned to ignore them.  I still feel a wave of anger wash over me whenever I see those gift and GIF buttons still there half a year later with no way to get them out of the way even though I have literally not clicked either of them even once in the entire span.

  • Nayr

    Seriously guys, just remove these stupid buttons already. I will never buy Nitro, that's it.

  • Alyssi

    I can't believe it's been almost a year at this point and they continue to shove this button in our face, along with the gif and emoji buttons. Just make them toggleable options, so we can remove them from the UI if we don't want them.

  • animal

    Commenting for awareness

  • Ondrashek06

    Okay, so forcing a gift nitro button near that emoji button is really bad. Can you at least give us an OPTION to hide it? If you like having added cluttering buttons in the chat bar, why not also add a "Buy nitro giftcard" button, a sticker button, add event button, invite to Spotify button, Screenshare button, game library button, and others, so you cannot even see the text? Don't be like the facebook chat or Viber, where there are like 10 buttons that no one ever uses. I mainly used discord due to the only buttons on the chat bar being the most important ones (emoji, add attachment) but now you try to follow social media and add more cluttering button that you use once in a blue moon.

  • Jerl

    Following up again after another six months to say that I still hate that you're forcing the Gift Nitro button into the text box.  I have not just gotten used to it.  Every time I see it, it makes my date a tiny bit worse.  Again, I don't use any of the buttons, so the ability to make the text box just a text box would be much appreciated, while taking away space from the text box is something I continue to resent.  I'm also still annoyed that you closed my feedback asking for it to be possible to hide the GIF button, even though this feedback doesn't mention anything about it.  I just have to hope that they read the comments on this one to find out about my (earlier) suggestion if they ever do come to their senses and implement this.

    I'm sorry if this comes off as a bit harsh, but this has been bothering me for over a year now.

  • JustHere4Coffee

    Oh the GIF button... I don't use that either, because you can't tell where the GIFs have been stolen from. I seriously hate aggregators like Tenor and Pinterest because they strip all attribution from the content creators (and you often end up with a much lower quality image anyway.)

    But it looks like we'll never get as much as an acknowledgement, let alone a real answer!

  • Knouvael'Qeskre (Feathertooth)

    I'm absolutely not a fan of these two buttons either. They get in the way when I write something almost all the time. What's the purpose of a chat bar if you can't even type in the whole bar itself? The emoji button was enough as it was.

  • Myuu

    Years later, the dev team team is still shoving those horrible buttons in our faces and refusing to give us the option to hide them or not include them. Classy, just classy.

    I'm expecting actual ads to be added eventually. Just seems logical, given their complete disregard for users and the fact that they've plugged their ears and went "LALALA" for what is now literal years.

  • Queen

    Yeah, this ain't goin' anywhere. 

    It's been years. They're not going to give us the option to hide those buttons.

    We tried.

  • stonelions

    All three buttons in the text box are, at this point, an impingement on core functionality. Now that we ALSO have the nitro button permanently in the top panel, could you please, please, please consider allowing users to shut it off in the text box? At this point I honestly don't care which of the three text box buttons go, (an option to disable all of them would be wonderful) but the gift nitro and gif box are especially useless for how I use the interface and they are more than a minor irritant. 

  • I understand that Discord really could use Nitro and make more money for their product, but at the cost of making the user experience worse? It's becoming more like we are pushed and shoved to buy Nitro rather than support Discord for it's product. Talk about discouraging us users from getting it.

  • mutiny mobile

    I installed BetterDiscord and blocked the elements so they don't appear. It's clear Discord staff doesn't care about their users, only that they're marketed to at every possible turn.

  • purpzie

    Goodness gracious it's coming to mobile. Discord, I love you, but why

  • snarfblam

    Just gonna state the obvious. Some people may not mind an advert cluttering the chatbar, but absolutely nobody wants an ad cluttering the chatbar. Things like this are why, more and more, I dislike using discord.

  • 咲蓓

    after the mobile app updated, I feel really annoy for the nitro present buttom at such a small screen, it even bother me to send the picture or emoji. Discord, please.

  • Ruth Arendse

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  • Phosphorshy

    Nahhh they got scam bots on the feedback forums now 💀💀💀


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