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    Hey everyone,

    We appreciate you all taking time to write in and share your thoughts about our current localization process. Since we’ve made the switch in how we localize Discord, we’ve made several process improvements to make sure that we’re providing the best experience possible when using any language.

    While we are not returning to community based translations, we would love to know when there are mistakes in our provided translations, as well as suggestions on how to improve the localization in the app.

    If you come across a technical error with a localized string, you can submit the issues to

    If there are too many errors, or you’d like to send in longer-form feedback, you can send in a support ticket to our team at

    It’s incredibly important that we hear from people if there are issues with translations, as that’s how we can make adjustments and improve.


  • Isabel
    I agree. Personally, I haven't seen any progress with translation since the crowdsourcing project got shut down. Having your users who actually use your program translate it would be much better, as proven by successful servers like Discord Feedback and Discord Testers. There's no need to pay a company to do work that you could have for essentially free.
  • Manfre

    I also strongly agree, but I would edit these two parts:

    • The company, actually, if you really need, can work with us together. They may provide translations first which we, as the community, will proofread and suggest better variants. But I think it's just overpaying for nothing.

    • But, you have made a valid point about the legal documents, which should not be translated by the community. And actually, you can translate them independently, you already translate change logs and support site differently.

    I would have written this:

    • The company, and the translation community should work separately. The translation company should only translate legal stuff like important strings in the clients and legal documents like the TOS, guidelines, Privacy Policy, etc... the translations should go live as soon as possible but the translation community should be able to proofread and suggest better variants.

    • There are other places where the translation community could not get into it because we weren't allowed to (eg. Discord Support, Developer Documentations, Change Logs) these should be either translated by the community/proofreaders or either be able to report bad/non in-context translations.

    They seems more fitting this way.

  • aftoner

    Something I've noticed with the company is that when they came in, more reports of incorrect translations started popping up.

    Whether these are actual mistakes or just actual errors I'm not sure, this shouldn't be happening from a company like this.

    If Discord is to bring out these changes I propose that;

    • They bring Pirate English back
    • We get our fair share of goodies (official server, badge, etc)
    • and that company works closely with us to proofread translations.

    Make incorrect translation reports stop showing up!

  • Jengas

    I fully agree with your article. We hope for the best!

  • Neerwan

    This article is soooo right, Discord shouldn't have left the Crowdin translation process, it was so much easier, and faster...

    I feel like this Company doesn't even exist, I haven't seen any of their translation on my Discord client yet, after 5 months.

    Anyway,you have my support on that!

  • ominouscry

    I agree with this!


    You're right dude!

    I agree with everything!

  • criptixo

    i totally agree with you.

  • FoxyKero

    I totally agree! I made a lot of really good friends translating, and I want to do it again.

  • Wouter

    Couldn't agree more. You definitely should listen to Manfre's advice. Great suggestion and very well written.

  • Fruxh

    You're totally right. Discord, why you betrayed us? ;w;

  • Old Veseliy Schoolnik

    PrOfEsSiOnAl TrAnSlAtOrS...They didn't translate the Russian (In the Desktop and Mobile). Shame for these professionals...

  • Idi0ticGenius

    I participated in Korean Language Translation, and it was really one of the best experience I've had so I do miss the project.

    I won't really blame discord for whatever inconveniences occurred, but it is true that it doesn't really feel efficient in current state. Though, while I was participating I wished we had better organization of structures, especially on the context part which we, as group of translators, struggled. Even today I sometimes get Koreans asking about untranslated parts around Discord-- which isn't a huge deal in most part as you can guess by context. 

    I wouldn't say community translation was smooth experience for all languages though. As for Korean, it just didn't really feel like anything were approved as they lacked proofreaders so we only had to rely on voting; which didn't really work out like we wanted to because it seemed like a handful of around 5 were active in discussions. At least sometimes a few strings would go through approval, but the whole voting system wasn't efficient as we really needed more than a handful to fix something that had wrong translation-- iirc some strings had over 20 votes but with only 5 of us actively discussing on chat, changing that would be pretty much impossible.

    The experience was stressing, but the fact that we even had the choice to fix errors and improve the user experience first hand was really what drove us as community contributors. Right now, such choice isn't really there anymore as it seems like we report them and wait until we forget about it. I would really love to see the community translations come back.

  • MartianDill

    The only thing I would like to ask is to make Ukrainian on a par with Russian, so that it can also be used on all Discord sites, and not just chats.

  • Sasha_Sorokin

    YkrOpChik, this is not only for Ukrainian language! Many languages actually weren't included on site and this isn't right and something to change too.

  • Sasha_Sorokin

    Sorry if you receive repetitive e-mail notification about this post. My previous post by some reason disappeared and pending approval for two days already. I'm trying to repost it, so it maybe will not require approval. I will also remove some links from the post, that are not important.


    Thanks for the input, HeroGamers! I'm sorry for the confusion these lines may caused.


    Actually, I agree that everything should stay on Crowdin, but something may prevent it being “easy” for us or for Discord and that is why I use form of “If you are not able.” Large files are translatable piece by piece, where there is no approved translation available, Crowdin will export an original, untranslated line. That should be quite alright, all Discord needs is to upload the large strings as .txt files, they can identify them by file names and give us readable description of file on Crowdin. But IF there will not be ability to export files that easy (I don't really know what can prevent that, but IF), they may create GitHub repository and accept Pull Requests from translators there. I think you may agree, that it is better than nothing.


    For the subtitles, yes, there is YouTube translation tool, but it is actually better to have centralized place for translations, let me show you two screenshots (linked to Imgur, to not make this page use a lot of traffic):

    • This is how the subtitles' translation process looks on Crowdin: we have comments, terms and any other things we have on Crowdin, only those who are in the translation team can see and translate the file, exporting probably can be done automatically using YouTube API (not a Crowdin function) from own CI utility
    • And this is how the same process looks on YouTube: yes, preview and ability to add a line or source file (if there's none!), but no terms, no comments, everyone is able to open and submit changes and you cannot track down who made them, only single variant (so fun with vandalism (that is a thing)), no history as well, requires final approval by the video creator which locks the possibility to further improve translation

    YouTube tool to contribute translation is okay for the first time until automatic upload tool is created and implemented: again, file names can be used for identification (SWzB1mx2o5k . fr-FR . sbv → {video ID} . {language} . sbv → French (France) subtitles for video “The History of the Discord Hypesquad”) and we still can see human readable names thanks to Crowdin. Personally, I would like to use Crowdin, because it is more functional for collaboration, I can deal with that we do not see the preview, but if we have good timings and strings split adequately.


    So that's it! If you think the original idea could be improved, please reply here in comments 🙂

  • Ghostwolf

    I agree with you. In my language (Lithuanian), as I've seen, only the Discord Store is being translated. That's it. For ex. Hypesquad section appeared a few months ago and it's still not translated into my language. That's sad, that they can't translate the core features of Discord.

  • Sasha_Sorokin

    Manfre, thank you for the suggestions above! I absolutely agree with your version instead. I've made some edits to the text, please see if it's okay and I didn't miss anything. There are some additions based on the experience and how the things usually done in other open organizations 🙂

  • Bypga

    Yeah, absolutely agree with you. The client translation is stuck right now.

  • sirHemmx

    I totally agree you my man.

  • Justman

    I fully agree with this.
    Game Library update is still not translated to Russian ,_,

  • Frosty
    nice idea
  • Kage

    I fully agree.

  • mal0004

    I fully agree with your article.

  • herogamers

    I agree very much with a lot of these things!

    Though, I'm not quite a fan of: "Upload large strings (such as e-mails, pages) as separate text files, so we able to translate the sentence for sentence instead of the whole document. That is easy to proofread and translate. If you are not able to do it on Crowdin, use public GitHub repository instead and accept Pull Requests.", as I think it should just stay with everything on Crowdin, for ease.

    Also, not a big fan of the: "Make and upload subtitles for video, so we able to make “Don't be a broom” videos accessible and maybe Ivan Popkov perestanet ispolzovat venik (excuse my Russian here)", as YouTube already should have a feature for that, which they can enable, called community contribution. It works very well, and is very good at making the subtitles with timestamps.

  • Emivg



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