Ghost Pings



  • naskivik


  • ʟɪʟ' ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏ

    I mean, It would've pinged them before they deleted it. It sends a notification as soon as the message is sent, with sometimes a small delay. Of course, ignoring the DND users.

  • Tiger
    This would be nice, as it would prevent ghost pings
  • The Illusion

    Since mine got merged here it is:


    "When deleting a message, if there was a mention in there (ping), that ping should also be removed. As it stands, if you get pinged, it stays there. Regardless of if the message was deleted.

    Another way to do this, is to allow the mentioned person/ group see the message. That way they know why they where pinged."

    With 21 votes.

  • ᴋʀɪꜱᴛʏ ʙᴇᴀʀ

    Ghost pings are annoying but your solution kinda defeats the purpose of pings.

  • Togusa

    Disallow deleting messages with pings.  At least from the pinged user's perspective.  *shrug*  Either that, or keep it as-is.  Other solutions seem less realistic.

  • lengo
    Good idea! This would be really helpful.
  • ObliviousToChanges

    Maybe in the mention tab you can see who pinged you and the original message of the ping... That would be much better Imo.

  • trviality

    No thx.

    How else am I supposed to annoy my friends?

  • AMatInDime

    Remove the option to delete pings to prevent ghost pinging. That way, you can mass ping the person who tried ghost pinging you.

  • Vapor

    Just call the damn Ghostbusters

  • cgar

    There is already a solution for this in the form of Better Discord with the MessageLogger plugin. It shows you what any deleted messege was, not just ones that ping you.

  • めがみ-くん

    cgar, that's agains't discord TOS though.

  • cgar

    Exactly. That's how you know both that it is very good, and that discord are cünts.

  • Watermelone


  • Ian

    That's a good idea! However, I think that it would be better if you could see who mentioned @everyone or @[you] as a notification. Getting rid of the ping would be hard to do.

  • mamamiyalozatoz

    or what about have some kind of thing that allows you to see history of mention, some kind of thing like that

  • missing no.

    i havent experienced it but i agree


  • It doesn't really make sense because they may still hear the sound, I think a better way to solve this would be a ping logging feature. There would be a log of pings and you can check who pinged you, go to that message, know if it is a ghost ping, etc.

  • Togusa

    I still think the OP and The Illusion are correct: The only realistic solution is to remove the ping if the message gets deleted.  Otherwise it's just adding needless code.  It's better to keep the app lean and focus on other problems, like removing the limit on how many users you can have Notes on, or the recent breaking of CTRL + arrow-key navigation in the edit box.



  • Reyansh

    Ghost pinging means if someone pings you and then deletes the message, There will still be a (1) on the side of the channel. 

  • JoJo0

    I mean- You can always make a bot that let you know you were pinged, or input message logs etc. There are multiple ways to bypass a ghost ping. 

  • red-back spider

    ghost pings are good :poop:

  • The better baja blast

    orange juice taste good


  • Naughty Vaporeon

    let's bring this up again though, as you send a ping message, the receiver's device already got the signal that they got pinged and will proceed to send a push notification to their device, also, having to track for every single ping and their status wouldn't be very resource efficient


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