Add a way to turn off other peoples screens-share only for you



  • Amaroq the Kitsune

    Yes, please. This is a must-have feature.

  • Bárťas

    Also let us disable screen share so we don't have to watch it if we have slow internet and just want to talk with people who need to see each other screens (it also makes games lag).

  • Prad

    Another suggestion was to also add an option just to mute it. Adding both of these individually would be great.

  • lengo
    I think this is a great idea. So you aren't forced to look at someone's screen. :p
  • Haddie

    Yes! I'm temporarily on a limited data plan and i don't wanna order my friends to stop screen sharing. But instead I had to leave the call.

    Just a simple button as Tomzen said is sorely needed .

  • That Sprite

    I am a frequent Mobile Discord User and the amount of data that screensharing uses despite not actually displaying anything is absurd. In 2 minutes it used 26.1mb of my data plan, even though the screenshare didn’t even have any audio.

    This means Discord was still downloading the screenshare despite not actually doing anything with it. Please either remove the screenshare feature from Mobile entirely or give us an option to disable it! I don’t want to have to Server Mute my friends just so I can use Discord on the go.

  • Archi
    I really like your suggestion. Thank you
  • Awibae

    This is what I was looking for, please make this a feature

  • DamnDave

    Please add this as a feature!

  • Ptrain

    I used 1 TB of data in 15 days bc my friends share their screen. That's 800 more GB per month than usual and I have to pay 200 dollars in overage fees. Now I cant use discord until there is a way to turn off others screens. I'm not even sharing my own screen

  • IceNinja™

    Just saw this new screen share popup today 03/27/2019, I would like to disable it totally, and not have my avatar popup every time I switch channels. I have no wish to see anyone`s screen or have them see mine. This feature should have  an on/off option with  in user settings. Also I would like the option also on Server Settings to turn this screen sharing sh** totally off in my discord server. 


  • Kil

    Couldn't agree more

  • 249751

    We need this ASAP

  • DONUT235

    Please please fix this

  • katagatame_

    This needs to be addressed.  Extremely obnoxious is putting it lightly.

    Although, given the way the settings are in the PiP window, I hope disabling PiP doesn't become a NITRO only feature...

  • Evigrof

    Agreed. This has popped up for a bunch of my friends as well as me. Is there really not a way to turn this off? We are all switching off discord for the in game chat until this is fixed. I think most are just upset that we are forced to have this feature. After today's update is when we all have it now.

  • aondlo11

    Totally agree

  • Fiorii

    Couldn't agree more... It's frustrating that I can't disable it.

  • 猫耳は命です。

    Delete this feature forever. No one asked for this. It's so obnoxious.

  • 91954962

    Yes, make this optional please, it's not discord anymore, it's just skype (and no one wants skype)

  • IceNinja™

    This should be and option for user and server with a big ON/OFF button. I for one would like the option to totally disable this on my discord server.

  • Madpenguin

    SO for now if you want to get rid of this, You need to turn off hardware acceleration and re log in.


    Go to Your settings 

    go to Appearance


    Find section with Hardware acceleration under advanced settings and turn it OFF. 

    It will get rid of that stupid annoying screen share window. Came here cause a friend and myself were annoyed as heck seeing this new window we couldn't get rid of with a simple RIGHT click option or not or somewhere else in settings. 

  • Neb

    Actually had this exact issue about 30 minutes ago. Only solution I found was to uninstall Discord completely, then reinstall from their website.

  • フジ レイシア

    How to disable it's such an annoying overlay and I can't get rid of it. AND THE RECTANGLE NEVER POPPED UP WHEN I USED DISCORD JUST YESTERDAY THIS IS SO ANNOYING REMOVEEEEEE!!!!! PLZZZ!!!!

  • Fleaz

    just close in task manager worked for me


  • Mystic

    Go to Voice and Video settings, scroll all the way down to the bottom and choose the Legacy option from "Audio Subsystem"

  • JJRcop

    I would like to have the option to view only the video stream i'm focused on. It ruins the quality for it when i have to stream the others at the same time.

  • Beirken

    Yes, please add this!

    I have quite the beefy PC so it doesn't make me lagg or anything, but it's just ridiculously intrusive that people can just share whatever is on their screen with me without me being able to deny it. Or let me at least make it so that their audio can't be streamed to me, but I can still hear their voice or something.

    It doesn't seem like a difficult thing to implement, a simple "disable screen sharing" button

  • Kitten Raee

    Agreed, it's really annoying to tell 6 people they all have to turn their webcams off, because you want to play a game and not want a slideshow because Discord is forcing a video stream.

  • Lair

    The devs need to get on this ASAP


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