Unban Everyone



  • Stuttero
    I can see how this could quickly become a way for people to raid and destroy servers easily...
  • Tiger
    Sounds great, could easily get abused, however, discord could easily make the button visible to the server owner only that way it cant be abused by other people.
  • jedi3
    Maybe something similar to that, everyone that has the ban permission can vote on it being allowed if someone does that, plus I don't see an actual use for this thing, cept it being highly abused, and someone wanting to take down the server. If you want to unban people, just unban them one by one, it would be safer that way, in my opinion.
  • Sosig
    I like this, however discord would have to also make it so that the unbanned user revives a unban message, so they are informed.
  • Anatomis (Perfect)
    LOL, more banned people than member count. Well, I liked the suggestion so I am giving you upvote.
  • Donovan_DMC

    I think this would be too abusable by something like a rogue staff member, or a malicious bot, just like pruning members, except the opposite

  • swagergamevidzalt

    i got perm banned for nothing

  • Bisca 🌟

    Yeah just give the perm to the owners and not staff. Also, the unbanning perm too, only to the owners because the staff keeps abusing it! 

  • Donovan_DMC

    Uh, no. Making the unban permission owner only would be downright dumb. If the staff are "abusing it", then there is a simple solution, don't give them those permissons.

  • Poulet

    Bonjour, je voudrais savoir pourquoi mon compte Poulet#0111 est désactiver j'ai un nitro dedans et j'aimerai vraiment me connecter sur mon compte merci en avance

  • Тревичка

    Hi support can u unban my discord my name is Bull_420#9252 email:stkostadinovk@gmail.com


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