Add the ability to throttle your game download speed



  • Elex

    This is really needed, It's nice that it goes fast but I often want to be able to do something else while a game downloads. Right now discord uses 100% of my bandwidth.

  • MichaelNorth

    It's not just Discord calls. I can barely use the internet at all if a game is downloading on Discord.

  • Soul

    Discord really needs a way to rate limit game downloads. While trying to download Warframe through the client, my CPU gets maxed out by Discord and System, and my ping skyrockets, >2000ms when it's normally <30ms which makes voice unusable as well. As soon as I pause the download everything returns to normal. So currently the settings are 0% and 100%, it's hard to communicate with friends when you can't do a 30GB download at the same time.

  • anAlarmingAlarm

    I second this. My internet gets absolutely obliterated while any game is downloading on Discord.

  • Batroni

    For some people that don't have a good internet connection it is a live safer to limit the download speed and i hope that this is an feature they working on.

  • Esmea

    This *definitely* needs to become a feature very soon. 

  • Sh4d0wNL

    this need to be added now. 

  • logicflaw

    I have this problem with every game store that doesn't have a bandwidth limiter.  It does make it easy to know which stores to not buy games through, so I stick to Steam, GOG, Blizzard, Ubi, and Origin.  Though it literally took EA years to add this feature.

  • ChaosRaiser327

    I would appreciate this being an option as well.  I have two others who use the network I am connected on 

  • Nixxen

    Tried the store for the first time a few days back, since there was a promotion for a free game.
    It completely devastated my connection and made it unusable - almost needless to say, in a household that just won't fly.

    Downloads paused until no one was using the internet (so during work / school).

    For larger games, doing this manually is a massive chore. If I could limit the download to 24KB/s during active hours and somewhere around 100KB/s during "sleep/work" hours that'd be great.

    Until then the discord store is kind of off-limits unless I want to tether to my phone and use up my mobile plan instead...

  • HartHalbtrocken

    Chrome was quite frozen when downloaded Last Year: The Nightmare which has fortunately only 10 GBs. But also Music Stream was Interrupt. I know this problem from the Adobe CC Downloads and it is very annoying.

  • Jesse

    Doesn't seem to be, I would suggest in the mean time using QoS in your router if it supports it.

  • Aslan

    I have this problem too. Personal i use to set a maximum download speed to softwares.
    Use that when the discord is getting that function. I don't know if the comunication have the priority that download games. But its not getting the all bandwdith.


    When I upload images to chat channels, I find that discord higs enough bandwidth to kick me from most games. A way to throttle up and down speeds would be awesome.

  • VirtualInsanity


    The real issue based on the descriptions above is that Discord is opening too many connections.
    I have evidence of Discord opening almost 50 connections do download.
    The High number of connections chokes out the ability to do anything else that requires internet connectivity.

    I think a throttle would be a great idea, but the issue first and foremost is to stop the bad network behavior Discord displays.

    With this issue solved you will be able to download at full speed, whilst if another application or even another machine on your network wants to use the internet the discord download will back off and allow this to happen quite comfortably.

    My issue is posted here, I'd appreciate you doing your own research if your that way inclined.

    Star Citizen launcher once did the same thing, but they have now fixed it.

    Epic launcher continues to display the same poor behavior.

    Steam has not ever suffered this at least in recent memory.

    Refer to my thread...

    I'll be up voting Throttling as whilst i don't have a need for it, it is still a good thing to have.
    More important it to stop this choking behavior.



    This is still an ongoing issue devs. Please let us have the ability to set a bandwidth cap for downloads so as not to dominate the available internet.

  • lengo
    Nice idea! I’m not sure this would be very necessary but it would be a good addition.

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