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  • Blastoise186
    In terms of providing a feature that helps a streamer to maintain compliance with the Terms of Service for services such as Twitch, YouTube and Mixer. As a moderator for several streamers, I'm well aware of the ToS stating that NSFW content is generally frowned upon and that streaming it can get your channel taken down or have some other penalty applied to it. Having Discord completely hide all NSFW channels and content while Streamer Mode is enabled - especially when it is automatically enabled or when the user is confirmed to be currently streaming - makes total sense, because it would definitely assist them to avoid accidental clicks and picking up strikes or other penalties. In my personal opinion, any suggestion that helps users maintain compliance with Terms of Service on Discord and/or other services related to it is definitely a good one. I hope to see this one get added!
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  • ndagger

    I'd also love to see this feature added, seeing as I recently had something like this happen while in the middle of a stream.  I alt-tabbed into Discord because I got a notification (and the overlay didn't work for the game I was in) and had forgotten that the last channel I was in was a NWS-flagged channel.  Thankfully I caught it immediately (and there was nothing too extreme showing) and clicked out, but having Discord recognize that streamer mode is active and hide NWS-flagged channels (with the option to reveal if you really want to roll the dice) would be a great addition.

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