A deletion history



  • Starfield_9
    Some messages should stay deleted, like when bots delete them, and it would clutter up channels like crazy, and if you delete a message, would you like to know that others can still see it? Not to mention it would violate the GDPR.
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  • Skedar_Itou

    I have seen, the same issue on a variety of live chats on stream platforms for example when a bot deleted my message "black magic" believing it was racist but was really in context situation.What he is saying and i agree is that some messages are mismatched or false positive.The best way to avoid that is to make or chose the right bot for your server so that way you can chose what is not deleted automatically that doesn´t violate GDPR.

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  • SuperSajuuk
    When a message is deleted, it is gone from the database completely (there is a small delay to avoid crashing the platform). If you want to preserve messages despite being deleted, you should consider utilising a moderation bot for this purpose.
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