Allow users to find messages from members who left the server



  • phencyclidine father
    I would like to see it, it will add a nice touch to the mobile clients.
  • Permanently deleted user
    This would be useful quite a lot, as I do have search up users that have left and see what they said for proof for a ban, and to make sure other users aren't lying.
  • Braydon
    Same I would love to be able to find old messages from left users
  • Matthew

    You already can. Just enter their Discord tag exactly in the search bar and it'll show up just as if they're in the server.

  • zekses

    No you can't

  • gmantsang

    This really needs to be implemented ....

  • daddy.

    It’s already been implemented. Go to the search messages in the server, find the banned person’s discord tag, such as Gamer#1234. If you copy it down EXACTLY as is, the message history for that person will come up!

  • Gaze

    Daddy is right, it is implemented. in the search field type "from: TheCurrentAliasOfThePerson#1234"

  • Gaze

    if you type the old alias that user used it wont work. and i've been using this for a while and it works.


  • __Abel__

    Can I add someone as a friend even if they left the server and all I have is dms ?

  • Tetrii

    You in fact can do this, the person doesn't show up in the list of suggestions but if you get the name right then discord should highlight the name in the same color that the "from:" is highlighted. If it doesn't do it immediately try entering a space after the discord tag.

  • Metzok

    I recommend using the members id.

  • Lord Neil

    Oddly I was searching for this, did what Matthew said and it worked. Instead of typing
    from: @myid#1234

    I removed the @ and the space near "from: " so it looked like this: from:myid#1234 and it worked.
    However afterwards it didn't work? BUT THEN!

    I right clicked, copied my id (thanks to developer mode), typed "from:" and then pasted the numbers and bam, it showed all my results after highlighting the entire text along with my userid.

  • Morex

    You can now

  • DragoCubed

    Using from:[user ID] will allow you to view messages by that user, it will also search for messages that mention that user. 

    I want to find instances where I mentioned that user. I cannot as far as I know.

  • Metzok

    DragoCubed your issue is not quite related to the original issue but you should be able to do:

    `from:DragoCubed [user ID] `

    This works because a mention of a user always looks like `<@userid>` or `<@!userid>`


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