Add support for external keybord



  • aftoner
    this would be pretty cool to see discord doing! gives another reason to buy the smart keyboard.
  • ProcessingScripts

    This would be cool, since, I have a keyboard for my mobile device and almost every Apple app supports keyboard shortcuts! (Such as Safari’s cmd+n short cut, which turns on Split View if you wanted to know)

  • Salt

    I have a keyboard that I use that allows me to switch from desktop to iPad and back. I often have my iPad open on my desk and switch my keyboard over to respond to messages so I have a dedicated discord, slack, etc device. This is so I don't need to worry about an application misbehaving with the overlay or needing to alt-tab out of games to my other monitor (as some applications/games do NOT like losing focus). Since the purpose of my setup is so my hands never need to leave the keyboard, it is unfortunate that I can't navigate to other chats in the app with the keyboard.


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