Stereo audio



  • Dyzalonius

    We need this. Discord pls

  • OverProf

    What is the status of stereo sound in Discord? What can be done in stereo, what can't, and how?

    Does anything come through in stereo (such as sound from a specific app like a game)?

    Full stereo sound support is a much needed feature!

  • SoulOfAPsycho

    We Love Stereo!!!

  • Artur

    on macbook pro the output goes only from one speaker and another is completely silent!

  • Clippy

    It kinda sucks that u cant have stereo. Would be really cool to have.

  • yardz

    Same bug here... on mac only right side works

  • ebardet_etceterum

    +1 output goes only from one speaker

  • almostsuspense
    why not
  • FinnishCoffee

    Some of us want to colaborate with musicmaking.

    Stereo Input and Output is needed for this! like REALLY needed!

    DE's think it suck to much bandwidth? Fine, add a direct line (Peer-to-peer) connection for private calls, bypassing discord server entirely allowing the full use of fiber optic internet or whatnot most of us have anyway.

    Besides, audio never used much bandwidth to begin with. We have screen sharing and streaming already. I dont see any reason whatsoever to not allow stereo audio. :)

  • BassTony

    I'm hoping Discord would be good for streaming occasional bits of music to recipient with good musical quality. Stereo sound included. Does the codec server music well?

  • lorenzosu

    +1 for music-based stuff

  • Theodor

    I hope so!! cuz i want to have a dj set in a chat on my server, but the quality is pretty low and mono, so we usually just play from a music bot...

  • ninbura

    Maybe as a perk for Nitro boosted servers?

  • Inflightmuzik

    was going to start a sound design stream for my discord members.  Just found out today there is no point because everything is in mono.  Discord is pretty huge in the music producer community.  I would gladly pay for nitro to get stereo audio in addition to 1080p.  Before I didn't plan on using nitro at all.  When I found out everything is in mono, I was hoping paying for nitro would fix this.  I'm guessing everything is mono to avoid the extra bandwidth.  I'll pay for it.  I'm sure many others are willing to do the same.

  • R̳E̳S̳C̳H̳E̳R̳4̳4̳4̳4̳

    Stereo sound is possible!

    I don't know if this is legal (I am not responsible!)

    1. You need "BetterDiscord"
    2. You need the "StereoSound.plugin.js" plugin
    3. When you have activated the plugin you have to restart Discord!

    Have fun with stereo sound!

    Info, I don't use this!

    Picture of the StereoSound Plugin:


    My Discord

  • Shrek

    for your discord problem, I had the same thing. I fixed it by disabling app access to the microphone in windows settings

  • Alext2k

    I doubt that discord will ever add a feature to enable stereo. They 100% could, and there are many different ways you can. One way is by using javascript and better discord (as one of the users above has suggested). The main reason why they are not enabling it is because of all the chaos it creates. People won't understand it, people will abuse it, and people will complain.

  • Sceleratis

    Hi. Recent activity is nice. Anyway, someone make this stereo stuff happen... pls?

  • doppler

    Technically, all audio would still be received in 'mono' format, yet the user (you), would be able to arrange other users in a virtual 3D space.


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