Set color of channel names (Voice and Text)



  • SnowFlake_Buster

    but WHY?!...
    why this idea has -5...
    that would be really cool!...

  • Hudson Bay

    Same, I don't know why this is downvoted, it's not a bad idea, its not hurting anything

  • Majesty

    Would definitely enjoy this being added! We have a very large Discord community that spans various games, and the overall organization of channels would benefit greatly from color-coded channel names! IE; For our World of Warcraft channels we could use red channels to indicate 'Horde' and blue channels to indicate 'Alliance'.

  • Soap

    I think this is an amazing idea. I am constantly looking for ways to make my discord servers more diverse, this would be an excellent way to give someone's server a little funk.

  • Shaostoul

    This would make it easier to show what sort of powers users will have in channels.

    Yellow channels = admin/moderation only
    Normal gray channels = everyone
    Red = special access, may role color?

    I support this idea. I found a use case for it in my server, so searched for something like this.

  • Elmo


  • Nico

    Hey, this does sound kind of interesting but it may look funky on the interface. Discord may have some intelligent souls who can come up with something unique for this. You have my vote!

  • TRegis Design

    I support this

  • BE SAD


  • StregKoden

    Hi. Have also often thought about this nice to se you'r post. and also a concept really good made.

  • Blenx

    This is a great idea actually, I don't see how anybody would downvote this.

  • cykes

    It's probably the subtext. "Political division blue" is a jab, I suppose, at USA democrats. Which is quite ironic since the statement is in itself a division tactic coming from, it seems, a fan of the opposite party. So, either both parties resort to division politics or one of them, republicans would be my guess, loves to poke the ant hill then hide while the ants are riled up. Meh.

    A shame, this feature is sorely needed. It's so hard to distinguish channels from categories, from other channels. We need color & size options for channel categories at the very least.

  • Lovely

    lol dont look so far into the subtext my dude jesus i used blue as a jab not directed towards any specific political party but as a generic example holy hell dude you're pretty woke

  • xXSkullerXx

    I have a suggestion, Discord's users are mainly kids... I think you should allow Grammarly to work so when someone types a wrong word/sentence they can easily click the wrong word/sentence and make their word/sentence grammatically better to be understandable. Just a thought. 

  • cykes

    ? I didn't even vote negatively against the idea, it is needed, but the only thing that occurred to me why someone would vote against it was that. Someone asked why, I gave my opinion. Then I ran with it. ;p

  • ItsImZiggy

    Make It To Where You Can Have A Different Profile Picture Depending On The Server You're In

  • PDX_Jedi (Luke)

    maybe they downvoted because they don't want to pay $10 for it? probably didnt even notice that this was a feature request, rather than a 3rd party sales pitch or something. (to be honest, I thought so too until I reached the end with the "please, discord?")

  • RealOtherwiseFake ♡

    (I had this idea but someone called ItsImZiggy also has it-)
    A different profile picture for certain servers.
    **Minecraft Server**
    **Roblox profile picture**
    You join the minecraft server and want to you know fit in with rest of the community who have minecraft as the pfp.
    There's a button where you can change your profile picture ONLY on that server.

  • index.ts
    Why would we have to pay for it? Make it free, design changes should always be free imo
  • In wie fern sollte das der Übersichtlichkeit helfen?
    Du kannst doch Ordner erstellen und da passend die Channel.

  • Fendoran

    I've been wanting this feature for a long time, please add this!? pretty please!

  • Brightshadow

    Man can we hope. This would be an incredible GUI addition and would definitely be possible to implement. We’re counting on you, Discord. Make us proud.

  • Thos™

    A very cool suggestion!

  • Aquatixlol

    This is a harmful idea because they are charging $10 for allowing people to change the CSS color.. Super lame, don't charge people for something this silly.

  • hamitcagdas

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  • Dislaik

    Great idea!!

  • ∆Coma•Dose∆

    I was just about to make this suggestion myself

  • DonZekane

    I vote for it, yes, yes, PLEASE. Colored channels! I NEED THEEEEM. :3

  • Hardik

    I heard they have added rainbow colors somewhere. maybe in Group chat. But I wonder why not in Channel Names?!

  • Colored Channel names is something I would like to see as well. Upvote this idea for sure. :)


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