myself always first on the chat list!



  • nescix
    Well, you can check your roles by sending a message and clicking on your profile picture or holding on it on mobile.
  • Permanently deleted user
    That sounds really dumb. I don't mean any offense when I say that though. The names are alphabetical, meaning you have a letter starting with A, you are at the top, unless someone has an exclamation mark on or something like that at the beginning of their name. You can change your nickname on the server, if you are allowed to change your nickname, to hoist yourself above others. You can do the same with your username.
  • Blastoise186
    I think a slightly better way to do this would be to have a button or similar that instantly pulls up your server profile regardless of where you are in the member list. This would reduce spam, allow you to check silently and would make it much faster.
  • chloroform chloe

    I'm not sure if this is a selfish little kid that wants to be seen on the member list, or if me refers to the local client user.

  • hiccups

    I'm refering to the local user. That means every user sees himself on top. It's not about ME. Absolutely not. LOL

    But I like @Blastoise186 thought too. There could be implented a button to click and check your roles. Would be cool too.  😊

  • フォードマスタング

    i figured it out, you need to go to your role settings on your discord server and drag the roles in what order you want them displayed

  • Illidan

    Wolfdale 3 dont cry kid

  • Tela

    Mad cuz bad mad cuz bad use ! Then a space after to prioritize yourself

  • !00bahagandar

    Wow that helped me a lot wow 😳

  • hiccups

    I still would love to see this implemented. And I like to rephrase my idea once more, to clear any missunderstandings:

    "I'm refering to the local user. That means every user sees themself on top."

    Reasons why we need this:
    - One don't wanna type right now.

    - One is invisible and don't wanna write

    Bc the only solution right now is scrolling through 50000 members or write something. Really? Not really optimal.

    Imagine an MMO where you can only see your buffs if you write in the chat. 🤣

  • Althanisaif

    Hey someone is on the top of ! ! How

  • hiccups

    any news on that? I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate it.


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