Verified user accounts



  • wAffles
    who would this badge go to? There aren't influencers per se on this platform, and discord staff and partners have a badge... I just don't see a use for it
  • Farkas
    i feel like this could portray some kind of support by Discord not the server.
  • Tech

    @ben, this would go to verified users by the server admin. Really not that hard to only give him permissions.


    There are plenty of influencers, and even global companies on discord, i run two crypto businesses with over $200K in holdings. so i think you just don't realise how much discord is actually used for business.

    I have to  ban 1-2 scammers, every single day, because user names are not unique.

    just because you don't see a use, doesn't mean there is none. It's realitive easy to only portrait the badge if you are actually on the server where the badge person is dming you from.

    It's funny that a per server avatar gets upvotes, and a serious issue wtih identity control gets 9 downvotes.....

  • hiccups

    @ tech

    Maybe you wanna vote this idea too. Kinda similar protection.


  • D0cR3d

    As a workaround the verified person could like another verified platform. For instance you can link a Twitch,  Twitter, Reddit, Xbox, Steam,, and I think even a Youtube account as 'verified' which uses the oAuth authentication protocol where you have to login to that platform which then logs into discord and chose a verified symbol on their discord profile so another user can go to the user info tab and look there.


  • Zacatero
    Discord Employees already have a badge, and one could argue that the verification for content creators is the Partner system
  • Defracted

    There's already a DIscord Partners program

  • Last in space

    But you cant parter a user right

  • Power'O James

    Thanks, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ !

  • Exaint
    Discord Partners and staff have a they cant be impersonated:o
  • MattW


    This already exists in the form of a partnership. You can read more about it here

    Have a nice day.

  • Diamond Growth

    It would be great if members upvoted this!

  • leaf
    The partner badge already act as a verification badge, you might want to check
  • RHL | DankeyKyle

    I'm confused, what is a Discord Verified User? See this screenshot:

  • DapperDuff

    @RHL | DankeyKyle, that is a custom status.


  • ʜᴀᴍɪᴅ✪

    Hi don't be tired i will be hosting soon but my personal account needs to be confirmed to avoid misleading players

  • HLvis

    Well I just got kicked out of a group I was trying to join for not being verified...  but I think I am verified... HTF do I tell if I am verified????  And BTW the verification email help is of NO help...  grrrrr....

  • mouradif

    lol wAffles "There aren't influencers per se on this platform"?

  • p0pcorn

    Plsss verify me

  • Striker Toast YT

    This is actually smart and cool.
    This should totally be a thing Bc why not.

  • rxyuna.mp3

    I need help verification to my discord:(


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