Keyboard shortcuts to go back/forward between visited channels



  • 10 🌈
    PROTIP: Ctrl + / shows keyboard combos that has switching between channels.
  • Emma
    If you have a mouse with a mouse4 and mouse5 button, you can actually use those to switch to your last channel aswell, but I will admit having a browser-like keybind on the keyboard for this would be nice
  • reaperlyzers

    Yes, yes. Just press ctrl + k and then enter

  • Bramia

    Any update on this? It's ridiculously easy to implement and it's super useful. A great example of a quick win. All we need is a keybind to the already existing router.goback() and router.goForward()

  • Spud
    This would be a very useful feature to have but isn't ctrl + k a lot like this?
  • Ralesk

    Haru: Mouse Back and Forward seems to work on Linux for me, but not on Windows for some odd reason.  (Incidentally, Slack's mouse Back/Forward is also kinda buggy, so yay :D)

    Spud, reaperlyzers: That's just a toggle and far from idiomatic I'm afraid.

  • AlexTFish

    I'd love this. I've just switched to the Windows desktop app, but the loss of forward/back is a huge penalty, probably enough to drive me back to the web client. My mouse has buttons 4 and 5 for "back" and "forward", and just being able to jump between my three most often visited channels with the mouse is really handy. It's a huge loss to not be able to do that in the desktop client. 

  • Douglas Lassance

    Both Alt + Left and Alt + Right have been added as shortcuts for back and forward navigation.


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