Leeroy Jenkins loading screen



  • IDeathMan

    Yes it is offensive and was meant to be racist and demeaning .It was a white boy in blackface period.

    The concept of the joke itself was funny.. but the internet blackface was racist and offensive ..!


  • gingerbeardman

    Yeah I find this inappropriate. I also find most of the loading lines cringeorthy or immature. Once or twice they're passable. They're often misspelled. 

    TLDR I'd love to turn off all loading lines. 

  • megannnjay
    I'm not sure how many loading screen lines are in the bank, but it might not be feasible to opt-in to disable a particular line. It'd be neat if the loading screen lines could be disabled entirely though
  • circa20xx


    "One forty-ounce-malt-liquor-fueled night when he was getting his electrical-engineering degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Ben and his friends decided to create the most culturally inappropriate character names imaginable for a bunch of white guys playing video games. Out of Ben's inebriated mouth tumbled "Leeroy Jenkins," a moniker so amusing that he decided to use it for his characters in assorted games -- and, ultimately, World of Warcraft."


    The fact that he intentionally set out to name his character the "most culturally inappropriate" name for a white guy playing a video game means that they were thinking of race when they did it. Add to it that when the plan fails he says, "I still have chicken" and you get, as GSame03 writes, a white man performing a racist caricature- digital blackface.

  • wAffles
    It's not at all in an offensive context... Leeroy Jenkins isn't a racist or offensive character in and of itself, I just don't think it's a big enough deal to be changed, but I do see where you're coming from

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