Discord Server suggestions, or an official server directory



  • Hunny.Bunny

    I agree with this posting!

    I noticed that I can not search servers by topic and apparently have to know the precise name of any server to look into it or request to join it.

    Why is that? [@ the discord staff people]

  • Jynx


    We totally need this.

  • Kaicer

    yes, but what happens when the list of discord publics gather for example, discord public of South America with discord public of North America?

    Would not this be a big problem? for this to work properly should place a better filter in the discord and have better control of the server region, would be very inconvenient if a user who does not know the base language of the discord channel and start looking for answers in another language

  • raffkaisa

    ^I guess that's true, I should have added that.

  • Middy

    Public server lists have proven themselves to be the best way of attracting trolls and raiders. If it's made an option then people should be informed of the risks before they can list their server. You're gonna need a somewhat bulletproof setup and a good moderation team.

  • Kaicer

    and if we remember the raidcall?

    Raidcall if I remember correctly, I had a window where you selected the game or you looked for your game that you liked and showed you a bariety of public channels to join. 

    It was a very useful feature when you do not know anything about the game and you wanted to seek help


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