add a translate to messages



  • DemonaDenmar

    I think your first option is actually a great one but you need an additional piece of logic to the programming. It needs to look at the message recipients native language. Meaning that users would, at their personal profile level, set their native language. Then the system could in theory auto translate any message that is not that native language to it without issue or notification or the forced feeling.

  • b-morgan

    The problem with a bot is that the server owner has to be involved. I'd prefer a native implementation that let's each user decide when translation is needed.

  • Alkazarl

    I really like this idea. When I was thinking about it before I did a search I was thinking to implement a new bot. When you add the bot you choose which language your server uses, then whenever a message comes up in a different language the bot could trigger, and translate it into the servers main language.

  • Max J.

    Aka, just like on Facebook and Twitter, definitely up-vote! This will be especially useful when you run a multilingual discord server.

  • lengo
    This is a really cool idea! I think it would be a great addition to Discord.
  • aftoner
    this would be p cool to see because right now if we wanna translate something we have to copy the message and head on over to google translate. this would speed up the process so much!
  • Jason H

    Or a little option that shows below the message saying "Translate" in gray letters or something similar (except hopefully won't use the trash Microsoft translations like Twitter lol)

  • Defracted

    I like it! This is would be really usefull!

  • Милт

    Absolutely agree. It is necessary to implement this as soon as possible. It is inconvenient to copy the text of each message and translate it using an online translator. This is a standard Google Chrome browser option which is actually blocked only on the Discord website.

  • AliceFairy♡

    Hope they add this someday as 2 of main servers im in are mostly spanish and i dont speak spanish

  • Valeant

    Until recently, when you right-click on the button "Download application" in the Google Chrome browser, opened the context menu of the browser, where there is a translation function. Currently, this context menu does not appear. This is very inconvenient, as I communicate with players from other countries and I don't know English well, I have to copy the text of a separate message manually into the translator.
    Please consider adding the translation function to browser and application.

  • TheFutureKnight

    Nice idea, upvoted

  • YannisDran

    I came here exactly for this. Discord app only allows for the body of a message to be copied as a whole, but most imes i don't need 20 lines to be translated, only one single word.

  • Slick007uk


    I join a server that supports RUS main / some English , so a very simple displayed Tab button to activates a translate command would be a nice feature to change the language suited for your understanding. :)

  • Vico

    This desperately should be included in the Discord GUI. I dont think that should be remotely possible using bots solely because the bot would need to repeat the anterior sentence in other language (or relay to another channel/similar channel in another server), and that would be prone to mess up the channel.

    An right-click to translate in the GUI would be cleaner, and the translate would happen only when the member (user) is interested in read the message, instead of automatically and in every message if a bot would do it.

  • Anatomis (Perfect)

    Yes. Very good idea. Half or more of Discord users speak English and it's an universal language but many people cannot understand or speak it. I think it can be translated to their own language so it can be easier to understand and respond.

  • Dmitryborcov

    Waiting for translator!!!

    Жду переводчик!!!

  • Rabid

    If you use Discord in a web browser with the Google Translate extension installed then you can select some foreign text and the translate icon pops up. Click on it and you get a translation right there on the page.

    But in the Discord app (Windows) it's not as easy. You have to copy the foreign text to the Google Translate site/page.

    Discord does allow you to right-click and select "Search with Google". It should be easy for them to add another right-click option, "Translate with Google" which would act like search but instead take you to a URL like


  • Cor'e )

    I totally agree with the above comment by Rabid (and many others who have commented), Translate is required asap for Discord to remain a competitive product, right behind needing a Spellcheck imho. 

    Since Discord has neither i'm probably moving from the Windows Discord app back to Discord within a browser like Chrome, which has auto-spellcheck, and at the whims of Google, translation.

  • Милт

    At least read the previous comments before writing about it.

    I have long read all the comments in this thread and read every new post. I wrote my proposal twice because it is very easy to implement, but none of the developers are going to fix this error. Previously, I could easily translate text in a browser using the standard function in Chrome browser, but the developers made the error and now it has become impossible to translate text in Chrome browser. It seems that the developers just don't read our comments and it is useless to write here.

  • metasamsara

    Please make this a real thing! It could also have an option to translate all the messages on a server specific basis. For instance I hang out in a discord server that is both for a swedish and english community, dominantly filled with swedes. It would be great to enable automatic translation for messages on that server (but only on the client side for user's preferred language)!

  • DreakinZ

    They should really add this, so it's a lot easier communicating with people who speak a different language. I mean Microsoft Teams has it's own Translating feature built in. Should be possible for discord.

  • Atomic Superior

    This is a Great idea- cause it takes time for google translate (low net)- and it hangs pc if u switch apps after long hours, - so its a good idea- 

  • Key master

    I am very surprised that this was not done from the very beginning, and in the last 2-3 years it has not been done. This is very bad.

    I contacted support, they told me that it was not planned to do this at all. My grief has no boundaries.

  • DisColow

    I really need an option that appears with right click allowing me to translate any message from a foreign language. I'm not going to explain how it could be done since discord's developers are quite good at it.

  • Akson

    Ну когда уже будет перевод? Автопереводчик уже обязательная опция везде есть, даже в простейших.
    сделайте встроенный в Дискорд переводчик. Надоело копировать и вставлять текст в сторонние переводчики. Дискорд все таки всемирный - пора переводчик встраивать.

    Вот тут я нажал перевести (или выделенное перевести) и нормально общаюсь и читаю всех. И это простой форум. А крутой Дискорд не может такой простой функции

  • rockyglass

    I hope Discord addes there own I currently use Smoogle, but they charge to auto translate messages. And it is very sluggish sometimes or doesn't send the message and you have to redo it. Would be nice if Discord had it so that it Auto translated the messages.

  • shard

    That can make English only moderators and admins job much easier

  • Mustache_Man

    Good idea, maybe even add a translation option on the upper right corner when viewing a different language channel.


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