320 kbps channel



  • kovacs 栄

    Awesome idea, I always want the best quality as well lmao

  • yg0d404erro



  • naameelz

    I think it wouldn't strain that much, it's just a few lines of coding. It's mostly for gaming, but there are huge communities about everything, so we gotta think about everybody, therefore more and more people come to Discord, and these folks want to hear high-quality music with their friends, so if available the servers would create channels that are 320kbps especially for this kind of thing.

  • its a piano guy

    As a musician who loves playing music for people, and the fact that I have a pretty high quality setup for audio I wouldn’t mind having an option for great quality. Maybe not extreme quality.. but at least give us the option as individual users to allow our mic inputs to be stereo opus music. I notice team speak is like this. I get that it can strain the usage of discord but it’s really not that bad. It’s not like you’re steaming 192khz audio or anything. Just a simple function of stereo audio. Not really sure if it’s possible. If not I understand. I just think it would be really cool to be able to have that tier of quality as a microphone input. 😀

  • nothing

    For boosted discord server there would be dual channel audio for stereo and option to use mobile phone mic instead of crappy bt devices mic. As mobile user, I think it's lot of work to use discord on browser and keep microphone acces disabled from discord to have better audio quality (because audio goes through same channel as normally media files goes and not in way that phone thinks that I'm in call.
    If 384kbps bitrate works almost perfectly so why not dual channel 200kbps?

  • GinaBot

    You think it wouldn't strain that much, therein shows how ignorant you are about everything that goes on around you. Everything costs money, bandwidth costs money, it's not just "a few lines of code". Also, are you even a Nitro member? If not you are disgusting.

  • poli

    Discord uses OPUS for VoIP and 128 k/s is already achieves maximal quality in OPUS. Due to there's a factor of latency, not so fast connections are unable to receive large packets at realtime which is worse than better. What discord provides by default (64 k/s) is already enough, you can't tell the very subtle change in quality unless you're at the level of a superhuman.


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