WhiteLists For Do Not Disturb Notifications - This Would Override Do Not Disturb For The People You Have Whitelisted



  • Oblivion

    We need "Do not Disturb" exceptions.. I would use it so much..

  • Mogu

    this 100% needs to be a thing i go into dnd mode because i'm in a lot of servers and have random people dming me constantly but while i'm in dnd mode i tend to miss notifs from my actual friends 

  • Floème

    I saw other people asking for other statue modification. To do so, Discord could add like a custom statue.

  • Shep

    I agree with this, it would allow people who are of importance to message you Without having to deal with spam from others. Maybe even set up a custom mode as said above to implement this ^^ 

  • BBrown

    I really like this idea, I wish it had more upvotes! It would be super nice to go onto DND but have a few select people that you'd like to receive notifications from.

  • DarkSwordsman

    I absolutely agree that this should be a feature. I've been wanting a slew of notification features, but this is probably the most effective one of the bunch. It's ridiculous that Discord's notifications are a blacklist (you have to mute one server/DM at a time) and not a whitelist. It's not useful for people that have more than a few servers or DMs.

    Here's a quick concept I made:

  • Jimgame75

    2 years have passed but still nothing

  • EmilyV

    Was about to suggest the same thing- add a new status, so there is "Do Not Disturb (Full)" and "Do Not Disturb" (the regular one). If you are in (Full) do not disturb, same as now; no notifications at all. In the regular one, certain settable notifications can come through- which could work similarly to how Timed Mute works now, just right click and "Allow notifications in DND" or "Disallow" for those you've already allowed. The different DND settings would have no visible difference, so only you can know which one you are in.

  • Dragic

    Perhaps there one could whitelist a channel and receive message notifs from that channel.

  • Daphoudi

    yes i need this! I hope discord will add this at some point


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