Screen Recording



  • Rak


  • GamesGoldSpy

    That would be so amazing because all I have is OBS and it never works.

  • Alexis
    what is even the point with that; discord isn't a recording app is it? And better no feature than a watertranked feature on a app so-called free. I mean I enjoy the fact that discord isn't pushing us and really giving a total advantage to nitro users, and your idea is just the total opposite.
  • Blastoise186
    To be honest, this would just add more bloat and make things more complicated. There's already other programs like OBS that can do this and I'd personally prefer to avoid duplicating what those programs can already do. I also feel that not including screen recording features in Discord makes it less invasive.
  • sxia [ smile4cheer]


  • Vasilis

    why dont you just record using obs, nvidea shadowplay or that cpu eating xbox thing

  • Pri7

    I think so too

  • Tcel

    I am trying to get my company to use Discord and replace Teams, Webex, and Skype. One question, was can you record? I would not expect the recording to go to a discord server but to the user that initiated the recording, computer. It is up to them to decide how best to pass that recording to others. This may be best as well for what is recorded, may be sensitive, and best not stored anywhere other than the user's computer. In addition, there needs to be a clear indicator to all on the voice channel, that the channel is being recorded.

    There should be under the voice channel, permissions to allow recording, bit rate control, etc. If the video is on, then the video is to be part of the recording. The format should be selectable to at least two of the most popular video formats. Then for recording length, limit time or size and for more, becomes nitro feature to increase...

  • Faustyna

    I think there should be an option to activate it, so some people don't have to worry about a more complicated app and other people can have what they want.


    I would use when playing with a friend and then I don't have to worry about recording my screen separately from discord.


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