Separate Conversation Topic Tabs for DM



  • Angst

    Channels! I should have called them channels! Servers have different channels for different topics. Direct messages should have channels too

  • Faeryl

    YES, PLEASE add this feature!! I don't know how many times I've said I WISH I could have more than one Direct Message per person for different conversation topics!!

    DM Channels (or topic tabs) = PERFECT!

  • BlackHorde

    Yes Please!

  • Snow God

    I mean maybe, but like why not just have a Discord server for the two of you. With the folders you could easily keep your Discord servers clean. I'm not opposed to the DM channels, I just think it might be a little unnecessary.

  • Zeus2459

    I would absolutely love this as a feature

  • Faeryl

    @ Snow God:

    Should a user really need to create a discord server for each person they speak to in DMs where they want to keep some of their conversations separate? What, then, is the purpose of DMs?

    Why have this feature Angst suggested? I ask why not?


    Here are a few reasons discord servers with individuals is not necessarily ALWAYS feasible.

    1)  Some users are already at their maximum number of allowed Discords.

    2)  If users make Discord servers for each person they want to keep separate topics with, that would limit the number of other PUBLIC Discord servers BOTH users would be able to join.

    3)  Some users have a large number of clients, employees, and/or community members who they speak with in DMs. It would be unreasonable for one user to create Discord servers for each person they speak with in these different categories of users on a regular basis.

    Have you ever considered the amount of messages game developers, administrators, community managers, and moderators of official Discord servers go through in their DMs?

    It would be pretty insane if you think about how that would be if they created a Discord server for each DM they'd like to keep folders or channels for, from one person.


    I am still hoping this gets implemented!!

    I'd also like to add another suggestion that may help the devs with implementing this feature.

    On any previously existing conversation between the users, it would help to be able to click and drag those comments to the appropriate channel or tab; or, add a feature where you can go through each comment and select the appropriate channel it gets moved to.


  • Zeus2459

    Still not a feature T_T

  • nutzeeer

    I made a new topic with an improved idea


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