Server Outage Info



  • Blastoise186
    This does sound like a good one to me - I'd certainly like to know if any of mine have gone down and which ones.
  • pacblinky
  • MattW

    I don't believe this is possible due to how the API works, I believe when a server goes out all the client knows is a server you are in is unavailable, I don't believe it is able to retrieve anymore details as to what server it is as it is unable to reach it.

  • galaxycatdev

    Question... when discord servers go down are all guilds affected? Or are just the ones in that region affected? Because if it’s just regional then we could still just not let you connect to those guilds but still be on every other one that is not in the affected region. Also if possible discord could temporarily move guilds to another region so that outages are seamless to the end user except for a little lag but that’s better than not getting any connection

  • MattW

    In answer to the above question, when some of the server experience an outage you'll see a red notification which tells you how many guilds are unavailable, because the guilds are unavailable it cannot retrieve any information regarding them (This is why when a server has an outage you don't see it on mutual servers with your friends).

    As for migrating guilds between servers when a load balancer has an outage that could work but I don't know if the current Discord configuration would support that without a massive change to network infrastructure. 

    When there is a major outage which affects everything the client won't be able to connect to discord at all.      

  • index.ts
    YES! I have always wanted them to add this!
  • 360camera

    In response to Syntax Prime:

    I believe a simple solution to this problem would be for Discord to store the names of each server on a database, so when a server experiences an outage, Discord still knows the name of the server.

  • LokYinN

    so how about account outage

  • Spefix

    I think its possible if discord can save any information about the server 2 minutes  before the server outage comes

  • madina1234

    Pls help how to get rid of that problem?

  • XrayZ

    How to get rif of it?



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