Copy invite links to clipboard from server settings



  • megannnjay
    One thing that's pretty neat is that you don't need the full invite link, if you click on add a server at the bottom of your server list, or use the shortcut 'ctrl + shift + n' to prompt the pop up, you can paste just the end of the invite in to join the server
  • Glen Despaux

    I understand that, but that assumes the person I'm inviting is already a member of Discord, and also that they currently have Discord open to paste that in. Otherwise, you're right, and I understand the reason for having the code itself listed there, it would just be nice to have a full link copied upon clicking/right-clicking maybe.

  • MolbOrg

    yes, absolutely the case which needs to be addressed, face it each time I think to invite random person

    end up creating bunch of link - one 1 day invite which is default, but on the forum I can't relay on that it will be enough so create a second permanent link, just to copy that first part of it.

    Not often required, so thus no sense to me store the domain link somewhere or list of invite links as they should be appropriate to copying

    Point is any solutions is a hack

    Adding server and paste a hash part of invite is probably an option, and discovered it has the domain part of the link on display there in text, but can't copy it, to add the hash I would like to add

    really the proposal requires more attention, so as it should be probably edited to reflect the fact it is a proposal [Proposal] or something in the title

  • cryptic1

    How do I get to Server Settings?????


  • Keskas

    I second this. This needs to be a thing.

  • icajewler

    I agree with making this happen. But in the meantime, all you have to do to create a hyperlink using the current invite code is add it to the end of the html link:"code here" (remove quotes, obviously)


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