Add GIF picker to mobile.




  • Katrin

    I personally would love this as friends and I like to have conversations using only GIFs as a form of communication.

  • Dora

    Good idea.

  • ArticObsidian

    I have some friends that use other chats that have this feature and they have lots of fun with it, therefore they think the other app is superior 🙄. Can we just get the option to enable/disable so I can move on. Thanks.

  • Udesi

    I need this. I dont want to go back to whatsapp

  • Sephethus

    How does this not already exist???? Lame

  • Kriogenic

    Give me them GIFs!

  • skidoLLaZ

    Agreeeeeee!!  Discord is getting better with gifs every update!  Just need to access gifs easily!


  • nanospriggan

    We want those GIFs damnit!

  • [BoP]Shadow

    Discord mobile replaced my clan's whatsapp group and the only thing people are really missing so far is easy GIF picking without having to use a bot.

    It already works brilliantly in the PC version, can't be that far of a fetch to get it going for mobile as well. :)

  • TBlazeWarriorT

    Maybe not a GIF button, but we definitely should have a list to appear WHEN we type /tenor, like on PC

  • Kiarthros Toveke

    I routinely will grab my phone to send a gif on discord, only to realize that it can't be done. Which is really disappointing, especially when it can exclude you from a conversation. There are many times where words are not enough, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a gif is worth seventy six times that.

  • KevinWolf

    Why does Discord STILL not have this feature?

  • Grogu

    Dude, Yes yes and YES. I don't like using 3rd party keyboards, especially on iOS. I feel the iOS version desperately need the GIF discord button over anything.

  • Janel (quit)

    This is what I do, I just use the gif keyboard, But I mean it would be easier to have an integrated one like computer

  • Harnesh

    Yeees please, implement GIF on Mobile app, so I will keep flooding my friends with unnecessary moving pictures! :D

    No really it would be great to have access to the GIF database also in mobile app :)

  • markshire

    Please add this, would add a lot of functionality. Right now I have a really specific gif I want to use to reply to a thread but I can’t find it on mobile

  • Xcap

    also make it so you can actually play a video someone posts on discord without downloading it on mobile

  • charitwo
    a thousand times this
  • index.ts
    Because this isn't added yet, I use an app called GIF Keyboard (it's on iOS, not sure about Android). Just search Tenor in the App Store.
  • PiixieMayhem💫

    Would love to have this on mobile it would make everything easier and faster. I tried gif keyboards and they never work for me or take too long to search and upload

  • Camyliae

    YES please add a GIF button for iOS users 🙏🏻🙏🏻 We really miss it !

  • EmpresSs

    Please add gif option to phone 😢😭😭😭

  • xDluciferjons

    how hard is it to add this option on mobile??

  • wiichicken

    This would be nice, but I think that the reason that it's not already there is because the keyboard that's built into most Android devices (Gboard) already has a gif picker that's actually better than Discords except for not having the favorite gif feature. But people that don't have a keyboard that has gifs or something like that would enjoy having this.

  • BookDiva

    Please please please do this. I primarily use a wireless bluetooth keyboard when chatting in Discord so I don't want the on screen keyboard (with it's own gif picker) cluttering up my screen but I have to open the on screen keyboard to get to my gif picker. If there were a gif picker in the discord mobil app itself it would be SOO much easier.

  • djnotti

    This is a MUST on mobile - most other messaging apps have it.  Please add!

  • Morbidia

    Bump; I’d love this option aswell. Bummer pc has it but iOS doesn’t!

  • Ben K

    This feature is definitely needed. Please make it so. Tries to insert Captain Picard gif, but can't since he's on mobile. 

  • marw

    Come on, it is year 2020... We want gifs in mobile version of app!

  • imgrado

    Trying to move my whole family over from Facebook, and the first thing they're asking for is GIF support on iOS. Cmon guys


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