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  • Zacatero
    I honestly dont see any point in this. If you're sending it to a person, either youre ALREADY in a DM with them, or you just sent a link in a channel so they can just click your name and boom theyre in a DM with you. So what purpose would this DM invite link have?
  • megannnjay
    I don't really understand what the point would be since it's not like other people could access these DMs and if you're somewhere with that person you can just hit their name and the send message option. You can also use the shortcut `ctrl+k` to pull up the search to find that user
  • Raysa


    I'd really like to know the answer of the post, as I am trying to create a Role Play server, with a website, and I'd like to put a direct link to my DM's on the website to validate the character sheet.

    So can someone please help with answering the question ?

    Thanks !

  • KaraMarx

    Hey guys, just use
    and change USERID to the userid of the user the link should send to

  • KaraMarx

    Also @megannnjay and @Zacatero, stuff like " I honestly dont see the point of this" or "I dont really understand" 
    Why would you post then,your not helping with this. 

  • 23 Aaron

    @kara huge help, thank you!

  • hakuna marijuana, my dudes

    @K4raM4rx DMs have their own IDs, it won't work that way. Sad. 

    @megannnjay @Zacatero are you guys serious...? With all due respect, but your comments are not just useless, but also completely ignorant. Other messeging platforms/ways to convey information exist, and if you want to leave your Discord somewhere for others to contact you, for example on a homepage or contact information, it would be very crucial to have some sort of permanent link or name (unlike your Username@Tag which can be changed at any given time) to leave that.


    That being said, still no solution for this? I've been researching for a while now and could really use a solution for this...

  • Kindolf

    @lesbensaft, you can make direct to dm @links on the discord servers. What's even better is that the tag auto updates to their new server name if they charge it. The only drawback is that they need to be on the server where you're using the tag.
    I do this from my mobile with developer mode on to help contact my member list rapidly contact my members.
    Go to their profile and copy their Id from inside the 3 dots. Return to the channel you're storing the info. You can put text first such as a name, then it will be '<@playerid>

    Leave out the '  and it'll create a link that you or anyone else can use to dm the person instantly, and the person in the tag won't receive notifications.

  • hakuna marijuana, my dudes

    @Kindolf Thank you, but I at least think that's hardly a workaround. I'm aware that I can DM people when I am in a server with them, but I can't assume that's always the case.

    I'm looking for a way for people to be able privately DM me at any time, joining a server to do so is not just inconvenient and unprofessional, it's also no longer private, since anyone would be able to see they joined.

  • Melphyx

    great help you did. Thanks for the info.

    And yeah... comments like 
    "I honestly dont see the point of this" or "I dont really understand"
    Really do NOT help.

  • This would be incredibly useful to me. I'm trying to get in a DM convo with a user, but the user themself is nowhere to be found.

  • Noximilian

    Up, this would really be useful for me as I have a personal website listing all my social medias and contacts.

  • KevinCross

    I would like this too. I have a mobile app where they can connect their discord account and have a link shown on their profile in the app. At the moment the link takes them to which shows their Discord profile and gives you the option to send them a Message, however when viewing this URL on Android in a browser (portrait) the 3 dots is off screen so you can't select the menu to show "Message". You have to flip your phone to Landscape to fit it all in. Most users won't do this. If the link to open a DM never gets created then maybe having the profile/window shown via this URL size correctly in portrait mode so that the 3 dots button at the right is in view.

  • dogtier

    I would also like an answer to this, as I would like clients to be able to contact me via Discord. ;_;

  • snwflake

    I'd also prefer an actual feature, because the "solution" to just href the userID looks mighty ugly


  • shelli_k18

    ok, I think peoples are getting hung up on the @

    The user id is the 18 numeric ID #

    - is chat to specific person

    - opens specific server (if you already joined)

      -opens specific chat channel in a specific server (if a) you have access to that server, and b) you have access to that channel)


  • shelli_k18

    re: shelli_k18 did you try those links with real IDs? None of them worked me. All any of them did for me was open the app. Android user.

    dont know how to reply to you directly, but:

    A: this is for browser version of discord, NOT the app.. I have an old pc.

    B: I don't know how to get the 18 digit id on the app, I dont use it.. I right-click on mozilla on a server, chat directory or even user name to "copy ID" to get these 18 digit codes. So to build a link you need to paste + userID

    or +serverID +serverid + "/" + chatID

    -I call them userID,serverID, chat ID, but right clicking just gives you option to "copy ID" and doesn't diferentiate types in the menu...

  • KnIghT

    Oh so this is how those bots are sending me spam.

    Thanks for this thread, now I know what to ask Discord to delete in their next update.

    Also, to the OP who never checked back on his post and all the people trying to figure out a way to DM someone:

    Whether you leave your user tag or hash ID (18 digit number sequence), you have to have the other person open Discord to message you. So why go have a roundabout way to text someone. Just use the "User@0000" tag like Discord intended it to be used. Post it in your profile or anywhere and keep your DM set to allow anyone to DM you. All they need to do now is paste your username@tag and send a request. One need not accept the request since now you (i.e, they) have the user (i.e, you) in your (i.e, their) pending list, and you (i.e, they) can view/click profile and choose "send message" from there.

  • hakuna marijuana, my dudes

    @KnIghT The problem with that is, as previously mentioned, that the username@tag can be changed at any time. What I want is a permanent way to let people add me. If I want to add my discord as a contact option somewhere, I don't want to have to edit it every single time I change my username.

    Also the whole jazz about + userID will not work. The DMs have different IDs than the users. I can only copy links to already existing DMs which is not a solution.

  • KnIghT


    Actually, its unethical (please excuse if my wording there is wrong) to expect someone to contact you while you keep changing your name (in case of social media, your address, and your identity). So then, why must one change your user-tag, if one is expecting people to find them. But brushing that aside since everyone has their own reasons, Only Nitro users can play with their tag like that. And If you bother to change the "username@tag" of Discord, its not too hard to edit that little text and copy-pasta your new username and tag, to wherever you have posted your Discord contact.


    And as for the little jazz. Of course it wont work. Discord takes their security and protection of its user data very seriously. Why would they ever allow someone to just waltz into another person's end-to-end encrypted messages. If someone wants to do that, they must have some ulterior motives. But I'm not judging.

  • hakuna marijuana, my dudes


    I don't see anything unethical about wanting to change my username. I am not expecting anyone to contact me, I simply want to give people the option to do so. Since my identity is already 100% hidden behind a username, what difference would it make if its stupid pun A or stupid pun B?

    Either way, I do not in any way see why your ethical opinion matters in this situation. A permanent way to find a contact is in every way beneficial and in no way damaging.

  • KnIghT

    I mean, would you say your name is "Ray" in village A, and then go to village B and say your name is "Roy" and then go to village C and say its "Joy", and then expect people from village A to send you a letter while you are in village D where your name is "Batman" (--Now that's a pun so you better laugh here--).
    Honestly, Its the least troublesome way, by just sticking to a username, or changing it everywhere while you are at it. You may or may not see why my opinion matters, But in the end, the goal is to let someone else contact you.

  • KevinCross

    The original post was about creating a link to open a DM with that user but others including myself on this thread have requested a link to a users profile so that they can friend or message them etc. Just like, and Now you can do this with but as the screenshot a few posts above shows, it doesn't fit on a mobile screen. It used to.

  • areyoucereals

    People change their Discord usernames, Discord gives us the freedom to. Not necessarily the tag. I change the style of my username all the time because I get sick of having the same thing all the time. My name is almost always Pearly, but the decorations change. Plus, usernames are not real names. It has no relevance to changing your legal name. 

    I'd also like a link to my Discord. Not only does it make it easier on others, having to simply click the link, instead of having to type my user & tag out to send me a friend request to find me. You're more than entitled to your opinion, but telling people to just type it out every single time they change their username on every single social platform they put it on, just because you think it's why bots DM you (which it isn't), it seems a little selfish. How about I also propose the option to turn this feature off, if they incorporate it? An option to disable the link, or make it private. 

  • KnIghT

    The topic here is creating a link so anyone could access your DM, and start messaging you.

    I believe if someone has a need to contact another person via discord, they need to have an account as well. If the said person have access to the username/tag, They can copy and paste it in just a few seconds.

    Now if someone still insist Discord find a workaround to this and create a link. One can always create a server and post the invite link.

    They only have to input the username-tag one time, and you are connected via the DM function / Friend list until the connection has been terminated.

    People are free to change their username wherever, whenever, and it is their responsibility to inform of the changes to their audience. 

  • hakuna marijuana, my dudes


    In no way does a link to your DM imply the user not having an account. Server Invites have links and they still require you to have an account.

    A server is not always an alternative as it is in no way private, and not always do you want those connections to be public to everyone in said server.

    Just because it's in people's "responsibility" to let the audience know about changes doesn't mean there can't be efficient ways to make this easier, as it is useful for many people and causes. That's the purpose of any new feature! To make things easier or possible. 

    And I'm sorry to break your bubble in which it is apparently unreasonable to ask for features that are useful and wanted by many people for many purposes, but the feature of having a link to someone's DMs already exists! As KevinCross already stated, you can use the link and will be automatically redirected to the user, from where you are able to friend them and/or message them as long as they accept your messages.

    I hope you'll still be able to sleep at night, knowing that these immoral people can change their Usernames AND Tags as much as they want without having to carry out their responsibility to permanently keep tabs on their contact information. I know it must be hard on you.

  • KevinCross

    The suggestion put forward by some saying you could create a server with yourself in it and then share the server invite to people on websites and social media profiles etc. While that may work, it seems like a bit of resource drain on discord if every person created a server just so they could share their profile or make it easier for others to find you on Discord.

    I want to be able to show links to all members in my discord server in a mobile app that they all use. Of course I'd only show those that have specifically opted in to sharing their discord profile link. And this is so that the users of my app can find each other in our discord server because the usernames they use in my app are often different from their discord username and discord lets users in the same server have the same username so its not always easy finding the right person if they had to search manually.

    The link I provided before works. It shows a profile window in discord where the user looking at it can friend the person or send them a message. Its there and its all I need, however that screen doesn't fit on the screen when viewing it on a mobile which most of my users would be. They have to flip the phone to landscape for most of the window to fit and so that they can see the options to friend the user or send a message. All discord need to do here is resize the window when viewing it on a mobile in portrait mode.

    I'm certainly not going to ask all of my server members to create their own server just so that they can provide a link on the profile screen in my mobile app.

  • hakuna marijuana, my dudes


    that sounds like a very interesting app. Good luck with that!

    Since resizing the window is a different issue than the original of this thread, maybe you could make a new Feedback thread for it! I think this way the issue would be more noticable by itself.

  • KnIghT

    @hakuna marijuana, my dudes

    As mentioned, an account is necessary, and that means a client / portal is in use, that means access to the easy and official method.

    A server is a good way of communication when expecting mass user messaging. If the account is kept open to DM from server users, anyone can access the interested party's DM from the server user list. The people who might need mass communication will benefit a lot from a server than individual replies. Servers also can have private room's and accommodate more of the user's needs.

    Just because one random person changed their username, does not give any platform the need to advertise it across the whole web.

    Providing direct contact information is a good thing, hence, Discord username-tag combo exists.
    Many people may need a "direct link to their personal space", but people who expect more than their friends picking up their contact info and bombarding them with messages have to be someone who is: 
    a) A moderator or an admin of a website/service.
    b) A celebrity. 
    c) Someone who is running a group/company with many clients.
    and possibly some others I did not mention
    In all above cases, the subject person has to contact more than one person/client and a server produces the best environment to share information. However, if privacy is required, one can move to DM's from the server.

    Unfortunately the USER-ID link only works for the people in your friend list, or maybe people from common servers can access too.

    It has been hard on me to track down my friends who've randomly decided to change their usernames, but the tag's are only for nitro users, if I exempt Discord randomly changing my user tag in the past. I have been able to contact them anyway since they've been in my friend list / a common server. But in the end, they changed it and most of them told me the next day.

    I do not want any misunderstandings, as I've never mentioned any ill will to the OP's needs. If my comments were in anyway misleading about my opinion, I ask all of you for forgiveness.
    I have voiced my opinion and concern about this feature in question, and I only mentioned how it is already possible, albeit through a rather different method. I'm in no way denying the coolness of the mentioned feature. If it gets established, as mentioned by pearly ❀, with some restraints and maybe a token generator, then it will be welcomed. But as for the people using it, you've read what I had to say, and I thank you for that.

    In this world where 2FA is being bypassed with one script, it only raises my curiosity when someone needs direct access to a DM. Farewell to you all, and Good luck with the post. I'll keep my silence :)

    Edit : Cool name btw ;)

  • hakuna marijuana, my dudes

    To avoid spreading any misinformation:

    As repeatedly tested works as long as the user you're trying to contact allows being messaged by people off their friend list :) No need to be friends or share a server as long as you mark it so in your settings!


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