Hide Mutual Servers



  • PLASMA_chicken

    5 years and people still leave stupid comments because they skip over the part where it's MUTUAL Servers and not all servers

    This won't expose you being in a minority group except when you BOTH are the same group, which would then not expose anything as both of you would know each other from the server anyhow

  • Land_Strider

    Ability to set nicknames per server is a thing. Ability to change anything else about your profile per server is a thing, too, as paid option. Name changing part has been there almost from the beginning anyway.

    Unless someone tries to ping you, which I hope is or will be tied to server nickname instead of general username because, duh, it is a privacy violation again, it would be impossible for people to see what “mutual” (we are already talking about mutual servers in this topic anyway but it seems you are the only one that has a hardship understanding this from your stressing it out on all your comments) servers others are in.

    Why are you this fervently against people asking for their basic privacy rights anyway?

  • PLASMA_chicken

    Your discord id can be used to identify you even when you change username ( not just nickname ).

     Mentioning works via discord ID, Username and Nickname, if someone wants to find you he will.

     It would also be really easy for someone to use a modified discord client ( although forbidden by Discord, so is harassing users 💀 ) to get your mutual servers. 


    I don't see any added privacy by hiding mutual servers, both of you are in the server and if it's about something sensitive chances are you know the other people anyhow. Discord is a social network after all.


    If you really care that much, Discord has added the feature to Switch Account in the App, just have a secret account the you only use for that sus stuff…..

  • zedw0w

    The push by Land_Strider was fine to make the devs aware again.

    PLASMA_chicken  you are just dumb. People understand clearly that you can only see MUTUAL Servers.. Yes, we knows BOTH people have to be on that Server.

    For example you are in a discord from a group of people let us call it DISCORD-A. Lets say its a bussiness or a gaming clan discord.

    But since you are a bad person you are also in DISCORD-B.. DISCORD-B is from a competitors bussiness or from a game cheat developer. (both things are not liked by most of the people in discord-a.)

    Somebody in DISCORD-A is “witchhunting” and looks for mutual servers since he joined DISCORD-B to expose people.. Or he is a bad person himself but just does not like you and want to fck u over.


     Touch some grass and dont even comment if you dont have anything usefull to say.

  • PLASMA_chicken

    zedw0w if someone is witchhunting, what stops them from comparing account names or using some code that automatically compares the users and spits out the ones that are in both servers? 

    Also, no normal business will be mad at you for being on their competitor servers….

    A cheat developer or enemy clan is understandable, but again main point, if someone wants to check mutual servers they can do so without using the normal menu, more tedius but works.
    For the Enemy Clan just use a 2nd account ( the Discord App has a included Account switcher), or better, pick a side and stop beeing part of both?

    For the Cheat Developer, use a Alt account or even better, dont Cheat? ( Ignoring the fact that promoting Cheats is against Discords Terms of Service )

    So please
    Touch some grass and spell useful correctly :)

  • 9610

    Making it tedious and difficult for people to spy on you, like you admit it would do, is a plenty good enough reason.  Even if it doesn't make it impossible, it shouldn't be forced to be as easy as it is currently.

    Why are you so against additional privacy options?  Makes me think you're one of the bad actors that people that want this option would be using it to avoid.

    Stop fighting for *less* online privacy options please, you're not helping anyone.

  • PLASMA_chicken

    9610 Give us one example where hiding mutual servers is useful.

  • 9610

    I don't need to.  You already did, when you pointed out that it would make it more tedious for someone to witch-hunt others.

    Others have also given examples, but if all those *and* your very own aren't enough to convince you, I doubt anything will.

    It really is quite baffling though.  I see companies advocating for less digital privacy options through their actions all the time, rarely do I see an individual doing so.


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