Hide Mutual Servers



  • Rongo

    I said it was because I don't want certain people to see the servers I'm in. I already said it, bud. And the second thing you said is irrelevant to this topic.  Being social doesn't have to do with privacy.

  • Carson

    That's a lame cop out. Facebook is also a social platform. Why don't they just let everyone see everything on your profile?

  • Zinx-Maramee

    This needs to be changed. I'm tired of being accused of being a spy or part of another guild simply because I was in another guilds discord server! 

  • klepp0906

    agree.  found threads back in 2017 asking for this.

  • Your Friend

    This really aught to also include an option to hide mutual friends. There is simply no reason we shouldn't have privacy features like these in the digital age. The tiresome excuse of "social platform" is a non-argument that misses the entire point of the discussion. 

  • Neuroforce

    It's super saddening to see many features that actually really deserve to be added not actually added yet and also largely down-voted just because most people think that since it doesn't affect them to any capacity it shouldn't be added in the first place. With that being said, I really think having the ability to hide your mutual servers with others is a no-brainer addition. Also, while we're at it, why not have the option to hide mutual friends as well?

  • Saquron

    Yeah, as Zinx-Maramee said, people accused me of spying as well.

  • xzcvr__

    the vocal minority needs to just leave, adding a highly requested feature does nothing to ruin the experience for you so why are you so bothered by it that you feel the need to comment on the subject? 

  • tatti


    this is needed because?

    Discord is a social platform, not a place to hide."

    Because some people use it to stalk. someone you're DMing could check mutual friends/servers and maliciously try to get you banned from those servers by DMing the mods and DMing your friends telling them to unfriend you. 

    Some of these servers are private and very difficult to get back into. You can't just Google invite links. So it is absolutely beneficial to hide those lest someone with whom you're in a DM tries to sabotage that. And the more servers from which you're kicked, the less people you can DM. 

    "Even if you could hide mutual servers, they could still go through the servers they are in and look for you in the user list."

    Yeah, but that's like finding a needle in a haystack. Some people have 50+ servers with 40,000+ members each. They'd never find you. And those are public servers that are easy to get back into bc the invite links is usually on Dishboard.

  • Athena was here

    2 Years later and still waiting, 4 years if you count the original one from 2017.

    Seriously though, why has discord not added this in.

    The last thing I want people to know about me is what servers I am in with them.

    Like dude, just leave me alone.

    In terms of the ping, yeah sure, that'll work, but it's highly unlikely they'd ping you unless they were actively searching for you, the usual method is to just check their profile and you have all the info.

    Please discord, add these simple privacy features in, it's been 4 years!

  • SJ

    Is there a workaround to this "privacy" issue or a way for discord to alter this. 

    I cant argue for other use cases , however in my case i'm doing some research with a mental health and abuse charity , we was discussing using discord servers as platforms to reach out to advisors and potentially other community members , we feel most elements of discord work well for this cause, but concerns have been expressed about the element of privacy and the "mutual server" issue, users might not want there friends or anyone for that matter to know they are on these servers.

    Can we use something with roles, so that only set people i.e admins can see all the group member but other roles can only see admins? 

    Looking at this thread, (which was the only talk i could find of this issue) obviously this is something inbuilt in the way discord functions and thus probably isn't likely to change. 

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Seby_Plays

    Seriously, do they even read, what their community posts?

  • Devislbane Stoneheart

    so for those that dont think this is necessary

    suppose you have a discord setup for family and friends

    then you join another discord that features say adult content

    your ok with all your family and friends seeing this? 

    Discord isn't what it was when it first came out anymore and should update its privacy settings to reflect its current content and services

  • Startraphell

    I am currently being forced to choose between two people I am decent friends with. I do not want to pick sides, but I am being forced to because of their stupid drama. This is because they can see our mutuals. If we could hide our mutuals, this would not be happening.

  • prØject


    It’s necessary to hide mutual servers in some cases. Say I need to get a hold of someone who is currently mad at me, and they’ve turned off DMs and friend requests. The only way I can DM them is through a mutual server.

    After I DM them, the person looks to see what mutual servers we have, and pleads with the mods, people we know, to get me banned, and thus I lose contact.

    And these servers are usually private and hard to get back into. So I’m these cases it is helpful to have the option of hiding servers to protect the ones we’re in.

  • zedw0w

    Just add  this feature in!

    I pref using teamspeak but in WoW most people use discord. Now everybody can see my mutal servers.. I want to have privacy.. im on some discord servers some people wouldnt care about and some people would mald out .. shit like this could seperate guildmates from each other.

  • Athena was here

    Only if makes money, lets not kid ourselves XD

  • Rohan

    @PLASMA_chicken I was kind of new to Discord when I wrote that post and didn't consider they would already have to be on the server to know I was part of it. Not adult content, its an AI friendbot server. Not everyone gets it. Also not an underground operation. I was a moderator on a server and banned a kid for spamming and inappropriate posts. He came back under a different username as a spy trying to get mod access so he could sabotage the server by deleting content and banning members who did nothing wrong.

  • zedw0w

    I guess if he search for a specific person yes. For checking a whole guild it would be easier to join the server an then just check mutuals of every guildi.

    Nobody talked about costum clients.

    I just want an option to disable the social stuff and just use it as a talk plattform. I mean i am getting forced to use discord by generation Z.. there is teamspeak, mumble, ventrilo but i need to use discord -.-

    I dont use instagram, i dont have facebook,twitter or anything else... Companys should stop make us force use social plattforms! Discord was something else in the beginning and now its a twitchlike cashgrab with server boosts and shit idk but thats another topic. I mean tencent used to finance all this so its no wonder what happens.

    And to your last point, "illegal scripting"? First of all its not "illegal" it would be max. ToS - Secondly I dont. and at last, who tf are you to give me advice? That is one of the reasons I dont use social media or interact with humans much. I don't need any life advice from you.


  • Land_Strider

    5 years in and still no option to remove this simple thing that messes with privacy. Tbh this issue is just some bomb Discord is sitting on, waiting to be exploded outside of “vocal minority group” by someone with clout and agenda against Discord, yet still we have these people adamantly defending privacy-invading stuff despite the risk, nevermind the actual people who want to have their easily-developable rights to privacy implemented.

  • Land_Strider

    Ability to set nicknames per server is a thing. Ability to change anything else about your profile per server is a thing, too, as paid option. Name changing part has been there almost from the beginning anyway.

    Unless someone tries to ping you, which I hope is or will be tied to server nickname instead of general username because, duh, it is a privacy violation again, it would be impossible for people to see what “mutual” (we are already talking about mutual servers in this topic anyway but it seems you are the only one that has a hardship understanding this from your stressing it out on all your comments) servers others are in.

    Why are you this fervently against people asking for their basic privacy rights anyway?

  • zedw0w

    Simply by word of mouth.. maybe they're on the Server with an alt account themself and leak a screenshot or send anonymous message to the people that would "mald out" about that...

    Cant give specific answere to that but for example a Guild lead has two accounts and is "scripting" in for example in final fantasy 14 but has an alt account nobody knows of, this alt account is on the guild discord aswell, but nobody cares/recognize the account or even pay attention to all members... this alt account is on the scripting discord, for example my main is on the script discord and on the guild discord. nobody would ever know that the glead is scripting but i would be "leaked" if he dont like me and want a reason to get me out.

    Just a thought experiment.. i dont even play final fantasy 14 btw 


    Or a Guild lead that is strictly against stuff like that joins those type of discord servers exactly because of the purpose to spot guildes with those servers as mutal servers.. I mean you can join the server you dont like to check if people that you're involved with are on those discords.

  • zedw0w

    The push by Land_Strider was fine to make the devs aware again.

    PLASMA_chicken  you are just dumb. People understand clearly that you can only see MUTUAL Servers.. Yes, we knows BOTH people have to be on that Server.

    For example you are in a discord from a group of people let us call it DISCORD-A. Lets say its a bussiness or a gaming clan discord.

    But since you are a bad person you are also in DISCORD-B.. DISCORD-B is from a competitors bussiness or from a game cheat developer. (both things are not liked by most of the people in discord-a.)

    Somebody in DISCORD-A is “witchhunting” and looks for mutual servers since he joined DISCORD-B to expose people.. Or he is a bad person himself but just does not like you and want to fck u over.


     Touch some grass and dont even comment if you dont have anything usefull to say.

  • 9610

    Making it tedious and difficult for people to spy on you, like you admit it would do, is a plenty good enough reason.  Even if it doesn't make it impossible, it shouldn't be forced to be as easy as it is currently.

    Why are you so against additional privacy options?  Makes me think you're one of the bad actors that people that want this option would be using it to avoid.

    Stop fighting for *less* online privacy options please, you're not helping anyone.

  • 9610

    I don't need to.  You already did, when you pointed out that it would make it more tedious for someone to witch-hunt others.

    Others have also given examples, but if all those *and* your very own aren't enough to convince you, I doubt anything will.

    It really is quite baffling though.  I see companies advocating for less digital privacy options through their actions all the time, rarely do I see an individual doing so.

  • RenSan


    I don't know about that. Why would they mald since they would also be in those servers ? 

    You guys seem to forget that they are "Mutual" servers... 

  • PLASMA_chicken

    Your discord id can be used to identify you even when you change username ( not just nickname ).

     Mentioning works via discord ID, Username and Nickname, if someone wants to find you he will.

     It would also be really easy for someone to use a modified discord client ( although forbidden by Discord, so is harassing users 💀 ) to get your mutual servers. 


    I don't see any added privacy by hiding mutual servers, both of you are in the server and if it's about something sensitive chances are you know the other people anyhow. Discord is a social network after all.


    If you really care that much, Discord has added the feature to Switch Account in the App, just have a secret account the you only use for that sus stuff…..

  • PLASMA_chicken

    zedw0w if someone is witchhunting, what stops them from comparing account names or using some code that automatically compares the users and spits out the ones that are in both servers? 

    Also, no normal business will be mad at you for being on their competitor servers….

    A cheat developer or enemy clan is understandable, but again main point, if someone wants to check mutual servers they can do so without using the normal menu, more tedius but works.
    For the Enemy Clan just use a 2nd account ( the Discord App has a included Account switcher), or better, pick a side and stop beeing part of both?

    For the Cheat Developer, use a Alt account or even better, dont Cheat? ( Ignoring the fact that promoting Cheats is against Discords Terms of Service )

    So please
    Touch some grass and spell useful correctly :)

  • PLASMA_chicken

    9610 Give us one example where hiding mutual servers is useful.

  • PLASMA_chicken

    @Rohan and @Devislbane Stoneheart
    Your sister or family/friends cannot see your adult content servers until they join them too.

    If your over 18 ( wich you should be to consume adult content ) your sister won't care.
    With your spies thing, are you running some underground Operation??!?

    Also, if your sister joins the secret server, she can just look of your in the members list/try to ping you.


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