Option to disable Tenor GIF



  • ZERO

    Please allow it to be a toggle feature in certain channels, there is a ton of NSFW gifs available for use!!! Why has this not been implemented yet????????

  • Hox

    Yes please. rather than just telling people to disable embedding, it makes the window feel cramped.

  • Guyon

    Like @ZERO said, I would love a feature where you could toggle tenor permission by channel.

  • DerMaddin
    • The OP was talking about a client-side option to disable the GIF button to appear in his own reply textbox.
    • Many others talk about a server-side admin feature to disable it for all users (or at least roles) on a server (or channel).

    I would appreciate both. More the latter :)

  • Airborn56

    I misclick the gift nitro button a lot, now having an extra button there seems like the scene from spongebob where partick blows up a second paint bubble.

  • DebraG13

    Upvoting. Some of the images I really do not want in the chats unless there are only older members there. Should be able to disable the feature without having to completely block all links/embeds/etc.

  • JustKalil

    we need it gone, mee6 keeps warning people in my server for posting the tenor gifs, only i can post them

  • Zaphod

    Like @ZERO and @Guyon  said, I would love a feature where you could toggle tenor permission by channel.


  • Truth00

    The option to limit gifs by channel is absolutely needed. I am, also, astonished that this has not been implemented already. And as for their code of conduct/user standards, it doesn't seem to apply to their gifs as several of them are inappropriate, derogatory and definitely offensive.

  • Woob

    Tenor gif is needless bloat, and beyond that, adds to channel griefing. Please make a tenor gif permission for channels, or better yet, an option to disable it on the server.

  • ZerXceS

    People spam gifs on my more serious channels ALL THE TIME!  Please make it so I can TURN THIS OFF!


  • DeltaTyphoon

    It's been two years and there's still no way to stop user abuse and spam of this "feature". There needs to be a way to disable the use of this specifically, not the scorched earth approach of disabling the posting of links.

  • bean sauce

    please add this so burdens stop shitposting!

  • Warlord


  • Blood`n`tears

    Really need this option at the server level.   It’s needlessly frustrating in some channels and shouldn’t be.

  • Zaphod

    Just per channel would be ideal.

  • Maklo_Gemink

    yeah cmon do something about it, its been 2 years now. people spam gifs on sauce channel blocking important messages admin wont pin

  • Johnny Mac

    The button itself and overuse of gifs is a scourge on most servers. Please stop forcing this on us.

    Having the button there invites easy, large spam. The same issue twitter has in replies with dumb ass reaction gifs everywhere in place of any real conversation.

  • Protomancer

    Please allow me to turn off gif's I am really tired of being subjected to shitposting and the gifs are horrid quality.

  • hexawar

    +1 !

  • CakeRobot27

    smh, we need this badly

  • Zaphod

    I hate how it bloats a channel of important info where I have to go through and delete. its usually not used in a kind way. The code to turn it off per channel would be easy. It's been years now why is this still a thing?

  • rhys

    Yes. I love gifs - but do not want them in every channel. 

  • LexGear

    Yes, there 100% should be an option to turn off GIFs button on channels and/or server.

  • thats none of my business

    i also would love to be able to disable in specific channels

  • dmks22

    Please add a Role permission to disable GIF.

  • ๑นคiຖt rค¢໐໐ຖ

    add a role or smthing to disable it its very inaporpaite


  • Eszti🐙

    it's till my absolute annoyance, to see this post going for years and discord didnt do a single thing -.-

  • Zaphod

    It seems like an easy permission to add and is SUCH ANNOYING FEATURE.  Soo disappointed this post is still active. 


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