size of avatars and names back to normal (Android)



  • super virgin Cheeto

    I'm on the beta version of discord I got an update but I still cant find the setting 🤔

  • A guy named Jens

    Its under Appearance

  • UnstoppablePhoenix

    I agree. Give us an option to change between sizes.

  • Krobo
    I much prefer the old user interface
  • JellyBean

    Wow this is annoying! At least before it obeyed the system font size, now it just overrides it to a default font so all text on my phone is one smaller font and Discord is bigger. Also now the font size changes every time i open the app. Some sentences will be big and some small on the same page. It looks awful and buggy

  • ONIX

    The font is very small. Please add a change in the font size. Version 8.3.8G of the Samsung SM-T805.

  • JellyBean

    Small? The update has made my font massive compared to before. I don't understand why they can't let the system dictate the font size, like every other app.

  • ManeBionicleGali

    The fact that there is no option to change the size of the avatars and names in the app is the most frustrating thing about this. That and the incredibly tiny margins that completely contradict what the large names is trying to accomplish. All together, a terrible decision that got pushed through before it was vetted enough.


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