Version Number!



  • Nope

    it's near the bottom of the settings page.

  • TheFutureKnight

    Spoilers, it is in the app

  • MattW

    Settings -> Scroll Down to "App Information"

    Version is displayed next to this

  • The Lavender Lady

    There is nothing on my "Settings" that reads "App Information".

  • Danil

    There is an "App Information" line with version number next to it in the MOBILE app (at least on Android), but I don't see any way to find a version of Windows app.

  • GrumpyFox

    There is nothing in the settings section of the Windows App that gives you the version number.

    It would be nice if there was an "About" link the when clicking the "? Help" button.
    Or having an "About" link when right clicking the system tray icon. 

  • _Axel

    Try this (i use discord canary btw):


    1. SHIFT + CTRL + I
    2. Click console then scroll up until u see this, its almost at the top: 

      [BUILD INFO] Release Channel: canary, Build Number: 72112, Version Hash: e6ff2525bd10d023beede41e96f1ae943990a976

    The build number is your version



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