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  • ﮿Nick

    this needs to be added

  • Prophy

    Yes please.

  • epigramx

    I thought about it a little and I'm almost sure it's a security feature, to avoid having people not knowing what domain they're clicking (easily at least).

  • YukiOnna

    Epigramx, were not asking them to completely hide links. We simply want to visually shorten them. The security portion would be covered as long as they leave the prompt portion in or even better if they add in hover to reveal link.

  • Disorganized

    Discord is really behind the times by not having this feature

  • awichmann

    I really love this feature in other chat apps. I don't think it makes much sense not to have it here.

  • sharkey

    omg please, get this added already. You're using markdown so use markdown. 

  • M4xxP41n

    BUMP! Yeah this feature is long overdue.

  • boys

    I agree, add this feature please!

  • Francis

    One good justification for using a rich editor for editing Markdown or a Weblog entry is that you can provide some additional features above and beyond what a simple text or code editor can provide DGCustomerFirst

  • herald

    I agree that this feature would be super useful! And of course the link could appear with the warning, so we're not clicking blindly on some random text

  • DigitalJock

    Perhaps this would be better written as this: full markdown support and then let us set what markdown features are allowed per-server, room, role, etc. Still, hyperlink support is the most popular requested markdown feature that Discord lacks, so that's a good start. Come on, Discord... hook us up with some better markdown!

    However much you decide to add, please give us control on who can use it and where.

  • V2Blast

    This should definitely be implemented. The easy solution to the issue of "not knowing where the link leads" is to show the linked URL on hover (...which, now that I'm checking, it looks like Discord already does - unless that's Windows' doing).

  • charliethepurpleboy

    Working on my server right now and this would be REALLY useful. Shame it's still not added.

  • gogglebot

    The fact that this is still not implemented is bizarre. All these divisive UI changes and not this single UX addition. It would be *so* much easier to write welcome/information channels were this a thing. Not to mention for servers that heavily depend on linking outside sources, which for video game servers (e.g. 90% of Discord) is critical. 


    We already have the feature to notify when when a link goes to somewhere away from discord, if you're seriously worried about people posting dodgy links just make sure this always triggers. Perhaps override the "don't show this again" for hyperlink'd text.

    People already use link shorteners and there's nothing special implemented to protect from that. There's a limit as to which how much Discord can actually be responsible for what people click on. A popup, perhaps a permission to allow people to use markdown hyperlinks? IMO best option would be a little bubble when you hover over the link that shows where it goes: 

    Really I don't know what else you'd need. It's already usable for bots in embeds so it's not like its an implementation problem. 


  • nimaid

    I would also love to see this! I use [hyperlinks](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlink) constantly, because I am needing to reference [GitHub issues](https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/issues/36910), [external media](https://tinyurl.com/y6r69b7f), [tutorials](https://www.wikihow.com/Cry-On-the-Spot), etc.

    EDIT: Guys, check this out. This issue is on the 2nd page, and only issues on the 1st page are completed. We need more votes on this to make it stand out as an in-demand feature.

  • mvan231


  • charlesfire

    I second this... We need better markdown support...

  • nimaid

    Webex Teams implements this with a hover-over preview. If Discord did something similar, in addition to the media preview links always generate in Discord, should make it clear to the user what the link actually does. Bonus points for also displaying the final resolved URL below the original if it redirects.

  • DriftRacer14

    @Nicholas mentioned tooltips that would reveal the actual link on hover, although he used different phrasing and may have had a different meaning than what I got out of it.

    For a 'social media/VoIP' application built for gaming communities, I'm honestly mildly disappointed in its lack of such features as hyperlinks, ability to spoiler tag images on mobile without renaming the file (SPOILER_filename.[png/jpg/etc.]), and the ability to view markdown on Mobile (Although you can still SEND messages with markdown, there's no way to tell if you have it right without logging into DC on an actual computer).

  • audreybitesu


  • Mr_Hipe

    This feature would be good for those long message links (https://discordapp.com/channels/42501...84/42503...9261097...903872) to jump to a specific message. 

  • 𝐁𝐢𝐠 𝐋𝐢𝐩𝐬

    Had to downvote to make it 420 

  • Arkais

    Discord, just do it already.

  • Quartino

    How has this not been done, already? This is one of the most basic functions of formatting.

  • world

    I came here looking for the format to realize it doesn't exist in discord. I can understand why it would be a security issue with outside sites but I am trying to have it point to messages in other channels on the same discord server and that's not even an option even though copy id comes in an https format. 

  • [HH] Styledev

    This needs to be added! Bump

  • HIMix

    Hey-hey! Bump one more time from me!
    Wondering why it is not implemented yet :(

  • awichmann

    Yeah. One more bump from me before I unfollow the thread b/c the emails are getting annoying.

  • Kain

    One hundred and ten percent in agreement that this would be an awesome feature. It'd make many of my channels much cleaner.


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