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  • Prissy

    Отличная идея)

  • Argentrose

    I need to make pinned message posts that have clickable links for rules and the like for my site.  The fact that I can't do that right now is somewhat frustrating, and will look awful and bulky.  I'm still going to do it, but I really would prefer if I had the option to do this without a bot--since bots don't seem to work well and aren't always available online unless I want to pay for it (which, right now, just isn't an option.)

    Please, please, please allow us to link a hyperlink to text or phrases in our messages.

    Thank you.

    ~~ Argentrose

  • thatwasdumb

    tbh the lack of this feature is the main reason I lament the death of AIM and wish there was a better option. It just makes communicating on subjects that include outside information (read: most things, including videogames and roleplaying games) incredibly difficult on top of being visually cringe-inducing.

  • cheat on ur mans homie


  • Hehulk

    I'd like to add another vote to include this. Trying to set-up clean looking pins without this feature is neigh impossible at the moment


  • MyriaCore

    obvious +1. very little reason I can see for this not to be fully supported for users, especially since it's supported for bots via embed.

  • Ageman20XX

    Surprised this isn't available out-of-the-box and more surprised that this request thread hasn't been given any attention yet.  Here's another bump and upvote for ya.  :)

  • Disorganized

    It would be terrific if this just got taken care of and I didn't get an email every time somebody "me too"s just to support the cause.

  • chexmo

    Hi there.... i just  wrote this comment to support the cause.
    "El que no llora no mama"

  • RedDraggers

    It's silly that such a basic thing is not possible, and was specifically removed in an update. Discord competitors seem more appealing every day

  • wnb


    I get that people might be fooled with legitimate-looking hyperlinks leading to non-legitimate websites, but I kind of think that you could easily reduce the risk of this.

    Maybe implement some popup that shows the actual link when you hover on a hyperlink.

    The closest I could think of for an already implemented hover feature like this is the "Upgrade your friends" Nitro popup.

    Maybe even some warning when you click on a hyperlink. The closest currently existing feature I could think is the popup you get when you click a link that takes you somewhere outside Discord.

    You could maybe even add a setting that disables this popup (which I think is reasonable enough to enable as default).

  • chexmo

    Discord already has a pop up that warns when the link goes to some unknown website.

  • wnb


    Oh, I forgot to explicitly mention that. Thanks for reminding me!

    Other than that, maybe we can keep the change of terminology ('link' to 'hyperlink') when clicking a hyperlink (compared to clicking a link)?

  • ziek

    This would be so nice. Please Discord Team. 

  • Abelius

    Are they serious? This is not supported?? I searched to know HOW to do it, because it's a no brainer, and I find out they don't support it instead. What kind of joke is this?

    And it's been like this for YEARS??

  • Kane

    Really? 2 years and still this isn't implemented? :O 

  • Julio Hernández

    I cannot believe it's not supported, even Telegram supports it. Inexcusable.

  • JenisTheDestroyer

    How do you even create the hyperlink in discord I can´t do it myself

  • vixey

    You can do hyperlinks via a bot as of right now @JanisTheDestroyer.

    Bumping! This would be super super helpful to do. I can understand some of the concerns here to reduce phishing. When you press on a link, it already gives the warning.

    Another option would be to have it be a 'perm' that the owner of a server can give members rights to or if they want to restrict it to just themselves, mods, etc.

  • eksynn

    does anyone know why this isn't a thing yet? it's been how many years since discord's been out, now?

    as far as security goes...

    what wnb said 23~ days ago would work perfectly:

    - hover over the link to show the actual link

    - click it to show that it's a hyperlink, showing the actual link

    - maybe add a screenshot of the page

    - preferably, have a toggle somewhere to disable the second warnings because that would get annoying fast - but keep the hover effect.

  • Lammergeier

    bumping this because it's not good that this hasn't been implemented yet. the box i'm typing this in even has this feature. shortened urls/redirects pose a much bigger threat than hyperlinked text ever will anyway.

  • aenima72826

    Pls, i said pls discord.

  • lipe

    i'm posting just to endorse the need of this.


    Just came across this 2 year old post. Literally blew my mind just now.


    As an IT nerd I use Slack during the day and Discord at night when gaming. Both have their strengths, and I supposed we can say both have their weeknesses. 



    To be fair however, I've used discord for a long time and this has never bothered me in the way I think it would iff Slack did not have this feature. So shocking and annoying as it is, the impact on me by not having this feature is minimal. Again, just trying to be objective and fair, event though it annoys TF outta me...

  • Earl

    I'm seeing feature request after feature request and they're all from about 2 years ago. Did Discord just stop adding/revising features just to work on monetizing for the last 2 years or something?

  • BAM5

    This would be great for making my #welcome channel a s I could have an index at the top with links to the individual messages that contain that content without having a link that's 1000 characters long... 

  • Vanhely

    I'm very much surprised, Hyperlink is such a necessary feature especially when creating some kind of #faq, or #server-info.
    Discord should 110% add this feature 

  • incapaz

    Support, not sure why this hasn't been added for so long.

  • Lord Vertice

    Oh come on Discord, how is this not implemented yet? We need full markdown support NOW! It's been 2 years!


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