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  • Lord Vertice

    Oh come on Discord, how is this not implemented yet? We need full markdown support NOW! It's been 2 years!

  • Foraoise (He/Him)

    Bump! Please, Discord! Let me rickroll, damn it.

  • Peter Boling (NPP)

    Adding my voice to this wall of pleading comments.  I really need this feature.  Please Discord.  Do it for the fans.  Do it for the mods.  Do it for the karma points.  It's very strange that it isn't already supported, but more importantly, we could have this feature in the future, and dispatch all of this awkwardness.

    I will be sharing this issue on all social media platforms until it is supported.

  • Focal Flare
    I third this feature.
  • digitalstrategy

    Yes please! This is a basic essential for text communication.

  • nathanaelhoun

    Yep please, add this feature!

  • Anonyx

    ....wow. I googled "how to hyperlink on discord" and this was one of the first results... two years old. two years and still nothing. sad.

    OP is exactly right— discord warns when going to unidentified links, so if you click on a hyperlink you can see the URL anyway if it's an unrecognized one or whatever. not to mention you can right click and copy link (or long-press and copy link on mobile).

    I can't see any reason why discord hasn't implemented this yet besides negligence.

  • Piefanatic

    This really shouldn't be a bot/webhook-only feature, seeing that the majority of other platforms allow it.

    Probably reiterating this, but copy-pasting a Google link is extremely cumbersome, especially to mobile users who now have to scroll an entire screen just to get by one link when it could have been possible to make it as simple as "Cute puppers" or something of the sort. That screen scroll is further amplified if that Google link is directly to an image of 1000 pixels or taller, but I digress. There are third-party link shortening tools, like TinyUrl, but those just make the links even sketchier due to not being able to see where the link truly goes unless you have knowledge about that third-party's tool.

    There's even markdown that exists to negate a markdown from catching (which are the code blocks in back-ticks [`]) to allow the full link to still display without having it actually lead somewhere without a copy-paste into a browser.

    Why would we even need all these cool tidbits and not be able to use the more commonly known feature of hyperlinks without some specially coded bot to do it for you?

  • Spock

    This feature would be so useful and it's common on all sorts of other sites. Discord already warns you where you're heading when you click a link so I don't see why we shouldn't be able to edit the text shown over the link itself eg [name](link_goes_here)

  • BunkDad

    A hyperlink feature is necessary for uncluttered text messaging. It should include a hover feature for the actual link, just as seen almost everywhere.


  • CinderBlock

    Definitely would love this feature

  • Paulpmm

    Following, This feature would be so incredibly useful

  • Jin

    Yes please, we desperately need this feature. I am a game developer and we work on projects with a lot of link storage and I have to resort to using link shorteners and that's a real pain. 

  • ShadyH

    +1, or multiple embeds per message

  • kfoonamalik

    +1! This would be great! I'm surprised this isn't already a thing.

  • TheTerraBiite


  • MortusEvil

    Why would Discord do something to improve the experience when they could instead spend their time by making everything more RELATABLE and HIP, or even GROOMING KIDS?

  • Xan

    I'd like this too with hover for the actual link

  • Erudian

    I'm actually really surprised this isn't already in place. We can use most other "standard" Markdown (text formatting, blockquotes, code blocks for plain text, spoilers, etc.), and we can have embeds that link to external resources without showing the whole URL, and even simplified hyperlinks like this within embeds, so why not have the ability to do this within the regular chat interface? It's definitely possible/likely that some less "technical" users won't actually avail themselves of such a feature, but it'd be really fantastic for those of us who are used to using Markdown on sites like StackOverflow and such to at least have the option. Especially those of us that get a bit OCD about how "clean" things look in chat.

    For "security/safety" purposes, there could be some tooltip text balloon that appears when hovering over the link with the full URL. Alternately, there could be a dialog when the user clicks the link warning them that they're being directed to a non-Discord site (I could've sworn this already existed, but maybe I imagined it). Maybe even a combination of both.

    I also like vixey's suggestion about making it a role permission option. That way the users that can do it could be controlled by the server admin, thereby helping to prevent less-reputable users from posting obfuscated nefarious links, while trusted users can "prettify" things a bit.

    I could take it a step further and request that, like image links (GIF's, etc.), Discord automatically go grab the page title - or some basic page information like what's available using the LinkPreview API (linkpreview.net) - and reformat the link out of that behind the scenes before posting it into chat, but that's just complicating matters for now.

  • Nightowl

    I don't care what safeguards might be put in place to protect users from bad links if it is deemed necessary but given the prevalence of extremely long deep links, which make some messages nearly unreadable right now, there really should be a way to use standard hyperlinks like literally everywhere else on the web.

    (I would also welcome markdown support for nested lists or even tables but that is far less important.)

  • Anony

    I see this as absolute no-brainer.

  • Olley


  • qexat

    I suggest an idea that relates to the initial one: that Discord add an embed preview of the link content in the warn window, and so that would be one more argument to add the markdown hyperlinks since users might know what to expect !

  • qexat

    This would be something like that. Consider I've made this in 15 minutes with the integrated inspector (this is the official Discord PTB client)
    Also, this is useful to avoid useless/removed embed in chat, and it's more clear than just "This link brings you to https://www.google.com"

  • furriephillips

    I'm unsubscribing from this tortuous waste of my time - Discord is a bag of crap, anyway.

  • Jin

    Why are there no email settings? This post just keeps emailing to me and we have to manually unfollow. Oh my...

  • diamond162

    It actually works on mobile, but not on desktop. Also, it might be that I'm on a newer version of Android that allows me to hyperlink but idk.

  • WarmSushi

    I'm surprised it hasn't been implemented already, just tried and thought I was doing it incorrectly.. Would be a very helpful feature.

  • kutekarma


    i just tried on iOS mobile, software version 14.2 and it didn't work

  • diamond162

    Then it's probably an Android only thing as far as what I can tell.


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