Hyperlink Markdown



  • V

    It's insane full markdown isn't implemented yet.

  • ignat

    Bump. Please add this!!

  • Pr04basher

    Bump. There are many use cases where this would be an extremally useful feature!!  

  • zsotroav

    Bump. Bots already have this feature in regular messages (not just embeds) and it's stupid that regular users aren't able to use it.

  • Arxareon

    I want this badly and I'm kinda bumped that this has not turned into a feature after many years.

  • Danerjones

    I think this feature is very much needed but in addition, I feel this power needs to be enabled via a server role.

    • New users have to get promoted before they are granted the privilege to "spam" embedded URLs.
    • This should also not be enabled for messages from unknown users, This way we HAVE to be friends / trusted before URLs can be embedded.
    • URLs that are formatted as a URL MUST NOT be able to be embedded as to look like a legit URL.
    • EXAMPLE: https://www.google.com/search?q=cute%20kittens
      The text looks like a simple google search BUT it is actually an evil prank but could have been something MUCH worse!
  • RuinDig

    For click with link text, must need to pop-up messages like this, to avoid spams.

  • Sean.Mann

    How's this not a thing yet? It's not a complex feature.

  • Sprocketeer

    Please add hyperlinks to chat.

  • totobono4

    This is a must have.

  • Errol Kowald

    Absolutely need a simple hyperlink, especially in private servers where everything is closely controlled.

    Please make it happen.

  • Michael

    If we can add hyperlinks to comments on support.discord.com, we should 💯 be able to include hyperlinks on discord.com. This is an essential feature. Make it happen, Discord Dev!

  • kendavidn

    Please please we need this! 

    This is the primary reason I am considering moving over to Slack. 

    The lack of embedded hyperlinks means that my team cannot draft emails in Discord, because many of our emails need to contain embeddded hyperlinks. 

    The lack of embedded hyperlinks also makes chat threads very ugly! A significant proportion of writing on the internet involves linking out to sources and other documents. 

    At the moment, we are forced to use a URL shortening service every time we want to include a link (otherwise, overly long links would completely obfuscate the message content). 

    This is quite painful.

    I see that the team has recently added support for autoconversion of hyphens to bullet points on Discord. This is an improvement and shows that changes to the markdown system are possible.

    Please add hyperlinks too! 

  • Daniel Brunt

    I'm flabbergasted that does not exist!


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