Hyperlink Markdown



  • ignat

    Bump. Please add this!!

  • Pr04basher

    Bump. There are many use cases where this would be an extremally useful feature!!  

  • zsotroav

    Bump. Bots already have this feature in regular messages (not just embeds) and it's stupid that regular users aren't able to use it.

  • Arxareon

    I want this badly and I'm kinda bumped that this has not turned into a feature after many years.

  • Danerjones

    I think this feature is very much needed but in addition, I feel this power needs to be enabled via a server role.

    • New users have to get promoted before they are granted the privilege to "spam" embedded URLs.
    • This should also not be enabled for messages from unknown users, This way we HAVE to be friends / trusted before URLs can be embedded.
    • URLs that are formatted as a URL MUST NOT be able to be embedded as to look like a legit URL.
    • EXAMPLE: https://www.google.com/search?q=cute%20kittens
      The text looks like a simple google search BUT it is actually an evil prank but could have been something MUCH worse!
  • RuinDig

    For click with link text, must need to pop-up messages like this, to avoid spams.

  • Sean.Mann

    How's this not a thing yet? It's not a complex feature.


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