Text-to-speech not working




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    Dabbit Prime

    If you have a general question about Discord please contact our support team via https://dis.gd/contact or tweet us @discordapp. This website is specifically for new feature suggestions to add to Discord. As such, I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • TormenT

    Same with mine


  • BootlegKaka

    I'm also having issues. this is really inconvenient for me as i like to use TTS to follow channel conversations while looking at other windows but now i can't do that.
    Can we expect this issue to be looked into soon?

  • Kendrix

    Me too! That's why I came with this community to look for solutions. Damn it. It's not working on mine.

  • Echo

    Mine isn't working either, just since yesterday. I have tried everything, even reinstalling Discord. My Windows settings aren't having any issues, it would seem the issue is somehow within Discord. Not really sure where to go from here but I am dyslexic and it has been a very useful feature for me, and I would love to have a solution. I asked a few friends if theirs were working and the ones on Mac were fine and the ones on Windows shared the issue. I don't know if that will help find the cause of the problem but something worth noting, I thought. Thanks!

  • Tinker77

    I've done some digging into this.  Looks like TTS works in chrome, so give that a shot for a temp solution.

    Looks like discord isn't linking to the accessibility functions in windows, including the narrator and the on-screen keyboard.  



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