Discord Nitro cost



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    Pricing is already fair imo. Regular Nitro is already priced at $50/yr and that already includes all the chat perks. The $99/yr includes just adds some hundreds of $ worth of games for free so obviously that's gonna cost more.
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  • Starfield_9
    Like you said discord needs the money, and like Ten said, it's already reasonably priced, not to mention that everything else is free.
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  • The Rango Lord

    Discord Nitro itself is a mistake. It creates this status symbol for the "cool person that spent money on it" kind of deal. They only offer the good stuff to Nitro, such as a 50 mb file size send limit, which every person should have. Even SKYPE had a 30 mb file size send limit. Discord was doing just fine before Nitro, they added it because people requested it. Sure, Skype had a similar thing as well but Discord cant use that scenario as a crutch. It has to be better than skype. Just let everybody get the better features.

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  • Sasuko Uchimaki

    I mean, they could make a more reasonable offer for those who dont want the ''free games''. In my opinion the selection isn't worth 10$/month.

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  • Elex

    They already have a lower tier that only has the chat perks without the games, it's called Nitro Classic.

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