Sync Gif Picker Favorites



  • Exaint

    Sync between what exactly?

  • chemnitzel

    Sync between accounts.

    Example: Mobile & Desktop

  • LordSaucerZ (Wilzom)

    Yeah, I second this. My home computer and laptop don't have the same gifs, it's quite annoying

  • Draconicrose

    This gets especially annoying if you have to reinstall Discord for some reason. It completely resets your saved GIFs.

  • [KevanAwes]

    Yea syncing between different computers would be nice,so I don't have to make a channel in a server to save all the gifs for use on different computers.

  • akifunk

    Yes please, absolutely. Also, please change that all your gifs get erased when you log out of your account and log back in again

  • ばかやし - Boop & Swoop

    Hey, I  was also wondering how to  do this so I fiddled around with discord in inspect element (as per usual with dumb stuff I  want  to do). Anyways, I found where all our Favourite GIFs are stored! Conveniently, they're stored a place called GIFFavouriteStore. To find your favourite gifs, go to Inspect element (Ctrl + Shift + i on windows, Command + Option + i (I think) on mac), Application (In the top bar), under Storage  you'll find a dropdown  for Local  Storage,  and on the right you should see a Key called "GIFFavouriteStore", and in the Value cell next to it, a line of code containing all your GIFs! Just click and copy-paste that information into a textfile, somehow send it to you other device, and copy-paste that information into the GIFFavouriteStore Key Value on your other device. Hope this helps! 

    Edit: Keep in mind this will clear the Key Value of the place you are pasting your gifs into. If you want to keep  the other gifs it's simple! Each gif looks like this :


    Starting with a backslash, openCurlyBracket  and ending with closeCurlyBracket,  comma. copy and paste all the gif "cells" that you want and be sure that the formatting is correct!

  • index.ts

    That would be really nice to have! (Also, nice profile picture)

  • xTheEc0

    I have a PC at home, PC at work, and a laptop. Not having the same favorited gifs between all devices is very sad :(

  • Slayerrrr

    Still hoping this gets implemented. I use discord on like 5 devices that all have different favourite gifs.

  • thrillho

    I'll renew my nitro sub if/when this goes through.

  • sodathief

    THIS. I came here and signed in and did 2 factor for this. Make it a nitro perk i dont care. just do it.

  • BluFox

    I am positively livid
    I messed with 2facauth settings (TL;DR my app didn’t work)
    When I got back onto my PC, I had to re-loggin
    And I lost A YEARs worth of GIFs
    And it’s pissing me off that carrying GIFs and settings across the cloud to different accounts isn’t a feature yet.


    Edit: There is a little hope, previously favourited gifs are still marked with a gold star, so either there’s a code I can find that allows me to see all the gifs, or when Discord eventually makes this a feature, possibly the gifs can come back

  • wiichicken

    I would like this because it's annoying to have different gifs on each device. Also, after almost every other update my favorite gifs are cleared. Plus, it won't take up too much server storage because it's just saving a list of image urls.

  • Kuzonsan

    i would still like this, it's rather irritating having to go back into past conversations to reget my gifs after getting a new phone or even a new pc

  • dragonflies.katydids

    Like someone else said above: I logged in here just to add my vote for this. Also, can I please not lose my favorite gifs when I log out? I didn't know that would happen, and there are a couple I can never get back. Sounds silly, but they were in-jokes with friends, so they actually meant something to me beyond the annoyance of having to find the others again.

  • poiasd

    Please ^-^ add the sync/save history of fav gifs );
    Really infuriating to search over and over (losing some gifs in the process due to forgetting what gifs i had in my favs) for my beloved gifs whenever i have to reinstall/re-log-in or just when a random fav gifs section gets wiped for some reason..

    The saddest thing in Discord for me is a mind-boggling absence of fav gifs history storing, either local (on the phone flash memory or on PC physical drives) or cloud (sync: auto or pull/push on demand).

    Any option to store fav history would be met with an Unprecedented Love and Invigorating Joy ^^)

  • flibberdipper

    Depressing that it's been two years and this STILL isn't a thing. Just rubbing salt into the wound, Telegram has been able to do this for as long as I can remember.

  • obsidian_storm

    I second this.

  • Therkelsen

    Bump this

  • ThiagoLA92

    still waiting

  • ﹊︶〄64Stacks〄︵﹎

    3 years and still nothing

  • ownedbynico


  • sanjaylord

    Looks as though sync has been implemented.

    There is now a cap of 250 GIFs that can be favorited per account so as to strike a good balance between functionality and storage cost.


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