Siri Shortcuts (Workflow)



  • Quantum Octoling

    Please add this

  • Scribble

    add this please

  • aftoner
    personally id love to have this! just imagine saying "hey siri ping my server" and itd ping! also, if you need to reply to a message but you're too lazy to open the app this would help.
  • e10.

    having this would rocks

  • mltsy

    "Hey Siri, connect to the Minecraft channel on Discord" 😃

    (That'd be so cool!)

  • Permanently deleted user

    +1, and would also like to see standard Siri support for Messaging, which Apple supports through SiriKit

  • Panophobia

    This would be an amazing feature. I play Civ6 with friends and right now there is no notification when someone has taken their turn. With this we could automate a message letting my friends know that i have opened/closed Civ6 and it is their turn. Obviously not the most practical use case but it’s better than zero notifications (Thanks 2K...)

  • DavidTriphon

    The actions available right now aren't that great. They only seem to show the last 5 things I've done as hardcoded actions and that doesn't include connecting to a voice channel. I'd love to be able to have Siri read and send messages from a specified server and chat channel, or connect to a specific voice channel to talk with friends while I'm driving. The current hardcoded actions are a poor excuse for shortcuts unfortunately.

  • scΛrecrowbi

    In theory this would be possible now through discord, however the shortcuts would be long, I say this mainly due to the fact that you would have to have extensive knowledge of Discord internally and rely on X-Callback URL's to do the work for you, further to that X-Callbacks do have a few set backs but most things wouldn't be impossible to achieve through it

  • Tsuki

    I really would love to be able to do this

    ”hey siri message my crush/best friend/julio/vin”

    ”hey siri reply yea...ect”

  • lncn

    I would love to have this feature! Please add it!

  • AnimaTed

    I would love to have this, I use voice assistants a ton so if it got an app for portal it would be great but also I use Siri when I’m too lazy to open the phone app or when I have my airpods in and want it to call someone, please add this


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