Hide your portrait in a group video call



  • That One

    Please. I think about this every time I get in a video call with more than one person. I don't want to see myself, and I'd rather see everyone else's video on the big screen. Normally I have to make Discord stretch across two screens, move the window over and turn off the screen with my face on it. I'd rather be able to hide my camera and hit fullscreen.

  • Teamy

    I concur, would be great to be able to hide portraits in general

    and on mobile

  • jjcf89

    In case it helps someone.  You can double click on the video you want to focus on.

  • leathan

    Im floating around the net trying to find a hack for this problem which would be solved with a single short line of code inserted really anywhere into discords codebase... Yet here i am on the 17th topic opened on the official discord support page asking for this super easy needed feature....

    There must now be hundreds if not thousands of topics asking for this super simple single lined feature...

    Stop ignoring us?


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