Viewing ban reasons on mobile




  • ѕαpphírє~

    This would be very useful considering I manage my servers on a mobile device.

  • Krobo
    much needed for many reasons. Another great feature could be that it shows the date and time the ban took place.
  • mesub
    The audit logs do list the reasons + you can filter them out, but I still think this is good for simplicity
  • 💊Bandit!

    How do I rejoin a server after getting banned from it?

    I've been kicked from one of my favourite servers and I can't join.

  • 《PG》Leaderツ

    Hello My name is (《PG》Leaderツ ) My account in the game has been banned without warning and without cause and I have not violated the terms and conditions of the game and I hope that my account will be returned and removed from it. This is my account ID ( 5307699483‪ )

  • FromageDuPays

    I was banned from a server, no idea why, the person who banned me either didn't give a reason or i can't see it bc im on mobile. Can we at least have a notification from Discord when we get banned, sometimes i feel like servers are missing but i can't tell for sure


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