Hide images from yourself



  • ShaMe

    Hello, Dukal!

    This has been suggested multiple times through-out the life of Discord.

    A recent one (4 days ago) receiving +14 (votes)


    Sadly if they were going to implement this feature it likely would have been done by now...
    Best thing you can do is go to that one and up-vote it some more.


  • Grimmshaw

    Agree with the idea, for different reasons... some pics that are posted just bug me.

  • Tepi

    Bump, if that's a thing here.

    I rather wish there was a way to hide the thumbnails that come up for individual links, pictures, or gifs, rather than need to turn ALL of them off or not. As it is, I've finally turned of "GIFs play when Discord is focused," which has helped, and "Turn off previews for links," which I don't want to do, but have found necessary. Still, the ability to simply see what's uploaded, but hide something if we find just one image/gif/preview annoying or distasteful would be nice.

    On that line of thinking, as a slightly more advanced option, it would be nice to simply "mute" previews from individual members of a Server. But honestly, just being able to change individual pictures would be plenty.

  • baxter395

    Bump again. Sometimes you just want to post a random clever/funny gif but then it just might be sitting there in an otherwise semi-serious discussion. All three others immediately see it but then have to keep watching it over and over while they keep attempting to have a conversation. I bet they wish they could just click on that dropdown and hit a "hide" button.


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