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  • vague

    Every time Discord updates I have to spend as much time and effort to get it running again as it would take them to convert the .deb to a .rpm.

    I'm on fedora and I wish there was an alternative platform that was less concerned with selling conversations enough to maintain the user facing front end instead of the customer front end to this extent.

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  • Valinwolf

    Until they begin providing an RPM, you can use the following commands:


    cd ~/Downloads

    wget '' -O discord-0.0.9.deb

    sudo alien --scripts -r -v -g discord-0.0.9.deb

    sudo sed -i 's#%dir "/"##' discord-0.0.9/discord-0.0.9-2.spec

    sudo sed -i 's#%dir "/usr/bin/"##' discord-0.0.9/discord-0.0.9-2.spec

    sudo rpmbuild --target=x86_64 --buildroot ~/Downloads/discord-0.0.9/ -bb discord-0.0.9-2.spec


    Or if you want a one-liner:

    cd ~/Downloads&&wget '' -O discord-0.0.9.deb&&sudo alien --scripts -r -v -g discord-0.0.9.deb&&sudo sed -i 's#%dir "/"##' discord-0.0.9/discord-0.0.9-2.spec&&sudo sed -i 's#%dir "/usr/bin/"##' discord-0.0.9/discord-0.0.9-2.spec&&sudo rpmbuild --target=x86_64 --buildroot ~/Downloads/discord-0.0.9/ -bb discord-0.0.9-2.spec


    Note: if you don't have a 64 bit system, you can remove the _64

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