Drag and drop friends into groups / calls



  • Jimmy Olsen

    Indeed. Ive noticed new people they have some difficulties to understand how to join the voice room when they are using Discord for 1st time. That tool would be indeed handy :)

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  • Laetitian

    Nils seems to be talking about calls specifically (which is weird, because the process of adding friends from the list to a call [can't you even just right-click them?] seems quite simple enough to me), Jimmy about dragging-and-dropping established server members into Voice Channels.

    I think both would be amazing; I am here for the second feature.

    Both features would require for the other end to receive a Pop-Up Notification asking them if they want to join the channel/chat.

    In the case of a voice chat invitation, users would have to be able to customise to set up that they do not want to receive the request in order to avoid potential spam; But there are plenty of options for how to implement this that would be acceptable. It could be as simple as an "On/Friends only/Off" switch in the personal settings (the user attempting to notify that person could then be given an error notice, or in the case of a friend having turned off the feature, he might even be offered a template to write a private message to that person instead; with a 12 hour cooldown to prevent abuse of a system that is meant to have a "turn off" button.
    There would be room for completely customised server-rights-dependent permissions, but the more I think about it, the less I think that's necessary, if the original request-feature is set up to respect the personal user settings.

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