Show/hide offline members on a per-channel basis, not per-guild



  • Sonicwave

    Agreed, I'm in a few servers with 1000+ members where there are hidden channels visible to around 10 people. With the offline list hidden, it's difficult to see who gains or is demoted from roles that have access to these channels, and there are typically only 3 or 4 online people with those roles. You'd either have to check server logs (if you have access to them), or happen to see one of their posts.

    It should also be noted that if the server reaches 1000 members and then goes below it, the offline list won't show up again.

  • bastet_of_orion
    What do you mean by channel length?
  • /usr/bin/dylan

    I’m unsure of where you’ve seen the phrase channel length. Can you clarify?

  • SanctusSusanin

    Plus one and bump

  • StephenHCE117

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    Same issue, this needs to be resolved and soon

    "- Difficult to determine who has access to a channel. This effect can mean that users have permissions where they shouldn't, simply because administrative staff aren't aware of it."

    Unfortunately painfully true, just came from a very awkward situation that this issue put us in

    We were in a restricted channel having a convo discussing a user and how their offer for a server partnership was not going well.
    Our server is over 2k members so of course we can't see our offline members list to verify who can see what when offline. Turns out that user in question was often set to invisible and we had forgot we gave access to the channel due to them being a past helper on our server.

    User ended up getting upset, canceling the partnership offer and ditching their server over the ordeal

  • Community Bot

    Is Discord in the habit of not replying to these types of posts?

  • /usr/bin/dylan

    I assume that it's just a matter of upvotes. Last time I checked there were several pages of unresolved issues with more upvotes than this.

  • Zaino60


  • braz

    Support i need your help! I have this same problem!


    Having the same problem :(

    Please help!

  • user xd

    helpppp how do i fix this



  • N1PE

    Any updates on this, it has been 2 years since this has been posted.
    This makes staff management quite painful as you have to go through:

    Server settings > Members > Check every single roles one by one (administrator, moderator & others)

  • S_h_a_r_k_93

    > It should also be noted that if the server reaches 1000 members and then goes below it, the offline list won't show up again

    Is this still the case? By the way I agree with the topic problem, some secret channels now look like they're empty, and to DM staff I would usually go to the staff channel and send DMs from there to online and offline members.

  • Negative_Entropy

    If you go well below; like 800 or so they will appear again

  • Geo


  • stonepiggy

    This issue is horrible. Even going through settings to the member management isn't helpful because it doesn't show if they are on or offline.

  • Deftera


  • LL

    Our server has just hit 1,000 members, and I was horrified to see the offline users disappear, and even more horrified to read this post, and find out that, not only is there no work-around, but that the situation has been going on for years, without anything being done. In order to manage my staff team, and members, I need to be able to see who is not there, and who has access to what channel.  Please sort it out Discord

  • S_h_a_r_k_93

    LL, I find that the new updates of the Roles server menu are useful in this scenario because it now lets you see who has that determined role that you clicked in the server menu; from there it's just a matter of careful organization of your Dicord server and which roles have access to what.

    The server owner himself (as well as members with "Administrator" perm) also have a very neat feature called "View as Role" where they can view their server as if they had that specific role (just like on Facebook you could see your profile as a guest, friend, and so on)

  • moonshine

    This makes management of teams in servers with large communities really cumbersome. Having a group of people that is always displayed independent of their online status would be highly needed.

  • Slate

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    Really needed for staff channels!


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